Apple's MacBooks look great, but that doesn't mean they need to take up all the space on your desk.

Buy a laptop stand and you'll keep your desk tidy and free up space for other stuff - be that a charger for your iPhone, backup hard disk, or a cup of coffee.

Some raise the laptop to eye level, and others - known as "vertical stands" - just keep the MacBook closed for minimal desk disruption if you have connected external displays to increase your screen size.

A laptop stand also works nicely with a MacBook docking station, which can multiply the number of ports and slots available to you and allow for multiple larger displays.

We've rounded up the best laptop stands for MacBook that we can find. Most mimic the clean metal lines of the MacBook range, while others think different.

Twelve South BookArc for MacBook

Twelve South BookArc for MacBook

The BookArc, from Twelve South, is a simple, good-looking stand that lifts your Apple laptop off your desk, and supports the MacBook in closed-display mode for a less cluttered desk when paired with one or two external displays.

It has been designed to match the design aesthetic of Apple's laptops, and works with the MacBook, MacBook Air (pre-2018) and MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C), and MacBook Air or Pro with Retina Display.

An insert is included with the BookArc so that each laptop fits perfectly. Note that it is not yet compatible with the newest MacBook Air - although Twelve South promises a new insert for this model soon. 

Buy it from Amazon UK for £44.99 or at $49.99.

Rain Design mTower MacBook Stand

Rain Design mTower MacBook Stand

The mTower from Rain Design is another non-dock stand that saves you desk space and elevates the MacBook's vent to keep your laptop cool.

Its anodised aluminium body - that allows the MacBook to "float" above it - neatly matches the design and colour of the Space Gray and Silver MacBooks.

It raises the laptop 88mm (3.5in) off the desk, and fits the 12in MacBook, 13in and 15in MacBook Pro and 11in and 13in MacBook Air. It includes a number of inserts to make sure your MacBook fits snuggly.

We've seen it on Amazon UK from £39.90 or US$39.90 at

Skyzonal Aluminum Notebook Stand

Skyzonal Aluminum Notebook Stand

As much as Apple would like to believe it, not all of us are the same shape or height.

The Skyzonal Notebook Stand is tilt adjustable so it can reach all - or probably most - of our eye levels. This should stop you being hunched over your MacBook, ruining your neck and back in the process.

It can even be folded up to carry around easily - useful for hot-dusking environments.

You can place your MacBook either open or closed, but the point of this stand iis that you use it with the screen showing.

It features ventilation holes for improved airflow to improve laptop cooling.

The stand measures 270mm x 234mm x 185mm, and weighs 1.4kg.

Bestand Aluminum Laptop Cooling Stand

Bestand Aluminum Laptop Cooling Stand

If you need a stand that keeps the MacBook open with screen showing, the Bestand Aluminum Cooling Stand looks the part in either Silver or Grey to match your Apple laptop.

It lifts your MacBook to eye level, which should be better for your posture, back and neck.

There are three strip-shaped holes to the pad that the MacBook sits on, which should offer some degree of cooling compared to stands without such basic ventilation.

Another hole at the back allows for cable management and can be used as a handle, too.

There are optional extras that allow you to add your iPhone to the stand; some seems to come as free extras so check Amazon for the available options.

Henge Vertical Dock

Henge Vertical Dock

Matching perfectly with its stablemate the Henge Stone tethered dock, the Henge Vertical Dock is a stand of real beauty, and one that has visitors to my desk salivating over in jealousy.

It's a dock in that it has fast Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports (one or two depending on the model of MacBook you buy it for), but it doesn't boast extra USB-A ports, or other connections to add extra displays or devices. For those, you will need one of the multi-port docking stations reviewed.

You can pull it out when you need to move your laptop, and then just place it back in when you're back at your desk - without having to touch a cable.

Standing proudly upright, it features intake and exhaust vents that move additional air to and from the MacBook’s cooling system.

Of course, it will work alongside other non-Henge docks, such as the CalDigit TS3 Plus.

Satechi Aluminum Universal Laptop Stand

Satechi Aluminum Universal Laptop Stand

Satechi makes some fine accessories that are "universal" but clearly styled to fit with the design aesthetics of Apple's products.

This elegant but sturdy Universal Vertical Aluminum Laptop Stand might not have a fancy name but it does tick both the "Universal" and MacBook boxes. It's adjustable, with a knob that tightens or loosens the stand width from half an inch to 1.25in so will fit all but the fattest laptops. It will even take a laptop in a shell case.

As a "vertical" stand it will save you valuable desk space, although of course it requires an external display as the laptop will remain closed. Twin it with a Docking station that includes HDMI or DisplayPort for the ultimate MacBook setup.

There's a chamber at the bottom of the weighty anodised aluminium body (7.05-x-3.9-x-2.75in) to allow air to flow and keep the laptop cool.

It's available in Silver, Space Grey and Black.

Belk MacBook Laptop Stand

Belk MacBook Laptop Stand

The curved Belk MacBook Laptop Stand doesn't follow the trend for stark metal design like most of the stands reviewed here.

Instead, it is a pleasing arc in either Walnut or Black Walnut wood. This natural look might not look much like your laptop, but it may well fit in with your desk more sympathetically.

It comes with two different silicon gaskets so it should fit most laptops. The slim MacBook Pro wobbles a little in even the thinnest, but it's not a problem unless you are in the habit of violently shaking your desk.

Underneath, there's cable management to keep your desk a little tidier.

It measures 26.4cm x 12.5cm x 7.5cm, and weighs 195g.

At the time of writing the Belk stand was not available in the US.

OMoton Vertical Laptop Stand

OMoton Vertical Laptop Stand

The OMoton Vertical Laptop Stand is a simple, small-footprint design, but with a clever underside.

Flip the aluminium stand over and you'll find four adjustable screws (it comes with a tool to turn them) so you can determine its width to fit your laptop - from 14mm to 40mm.

Really skinny laptops will still feel some wobble, but you wouldn't want it gripped too tight anyway. It's reassuringly heavy at 600g.

The inner (and bottom) features anti-slip silicone, which should also stop any scratching of the laptop shell.

The OMoton stand is available in Black, Grey, and silver.

It measures 150mm x 97mm x 47mm.

There's also a double version, if you want to keep your tablet nearby.