We have a new Mac Pro here in the Macworld office so we have taken some photographs. Read our Mac Pro review for more information about Apple's new pro Mac. 

In the meantime take a look inside and outside the new Mac Pro from Apple.

You can view more photos on Macworld's Facebook page.

There may be a new Mac Pro on its way soon - read more here: 2014 Mac Pro release date, price and specs

The case is easy to remove. Picture shows the graphics cards, with the SSD mounted on the front of one.

Here you can see the Mac Pro front and back

The Mac Pro RAM and one graphics card
The IO Port on the Mac Pro features six Thunderbolt ports; four USB 3, two Ethernet, and an HDMI
It's easy to get inside the Mac Pro and upgrade the RAM (centre) and the SSD (left)
Various views of the new Mac Pro

In honour of the Mac's 30th birthday here is a Mac from the early days of Apple and the Mac Pro

Colour - it's not black, as you can see from our photographs the new Mac Pro has very reflective surface which means that Apple's images aren't really representative of the colour of the device.

Size - at about an eighth of the size of previous model it's a lot smaller than you probably expect. You can grab the rim around the top if you need to move it - it weighs 5kg though, so it's not exactly portable.

Design - Apple has arranged all of the components around a central wind tunnel with a single big fan, which it has engineered to keep everything cool while apparently keeping noise to a minimum.

Back - On the back of the Mac Pro are four USB 3.0 slots, six Thunderbolt 2

Storage - The internal PCI-e storage of up to 1TB

The RAM - The Mac Pro supports up to 64GB of RAM as a build-to-order option.

Photography by Dominik Tomaszewski.