I’m looking for an application that automatically invokes the Finder’s Hide Others command. Is there one that works with Mac OS X Lion?
Harian Lachman

Lion has built-in methods for auto-hiding programs, but you’re going to have to rethink the way you use your Mac, particularly when working with full-screen applications.

The first built-in method is Mission Control. If you want to hide one program while you’re working in another, invoke Mission Control, move your cursor to the top-right of the screen, click on the + button to create a new desktop environment, switch to that, and open the application you want to work with. Repeat for other environments and programs. When you’re ready to move to another application, just switch environments.

One way to switch is to hold down the Cmd-Option keys, while clicking in the Dock on the application you want to launch or switch to. When you do this, the other programs are hidden. Another way is to switch to the application you want to use and then press Cmd-Option-H to hide other open programs.

When you make an application run in full screen, the Hide commands no longer work. If you want to switch programs, you must use the Cmd-Tab shortcut to bring up the application switcher, use Mission Control, use the Dock, or pull the application out of full-screen mode, and switch as you normally would. Of course, you could simply avoid throwing applications into full-screen mode. Photo Booth launches in full screen by default, but other applications launch in the normal view.