I waited a long time to get a laptop and finally decided on a MacBook, only to find out after purchasing it that the new MacBook does not support the use of the Apple Remote with Keynote. Do you have any recommendations for a remote that will work well with the MacBook and Keynote?
A Hart

Regrettably, MacBooks released from late 2009 onwards (the polycarbonate model, not the MacBook Pro) don’t carry an IR port and therefore don’t work with Apple’s remote. But you’re not completely out of luck.

If you have a WiFi connection and an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you can use one of a handful of remote-control apps to command your Mac. We’ve used Air Mouse Pro, HippoRemote, Rowmote Pro, and Snatch, and they’re all capable of controlling a Keynote presentation over WiFi. Apple also sells the 59p Keynote Remote app, but we’ve found that with iOS 4.1 it doesn’t always reliably link an iPhone or iPod touch to a Mac.

Those are all fine solutions if you’re able to join a WiFi network. If you can’t, another wireless avenue you could try is a dedicated hardware remote that works in league with a USB receiver plugged into your Mac. Or you could try the Gyration Air Mouse Elite (£89.99; www.gyration.com).

Bluetooth is another way to go. The venerable Salling Clicker (£16.17; www.salling.com/clicker/mac) allows you to remotely control your Mac with a variety of Bluetooth-capable mobile phones (sadly, the iPhone isn’t currently one of them). And, of course, if you don’t plan to roam around during your presentation, you could control the MacBook with a small Bluetooth keyboard such as Apple’s Wireless Keyboard (£56; www.apple.com/uk/keyboard).