The iMac Pro was unveiled back in June at WWDC 2017, months ahead of its December release date. Now, we know that the iMac Pro began shipping on 14 December, but where is the best place to buy it? Here, we bring you a rundown of where you can buy the iMac Pro and how much it costs to help you make the decision that’s right for you.

The iMac Pro is an all-new all-in-one supercomputer, offering workstation-class processors and graphics within the familiar iMac shell, although this time it comes in a sleek and stylish Space Grey (with a keyboard and mouse to match).

It’s designed for professional creatives looking for as much power as they can get within a neat body that includes a monitor and peripherals (something the Mac Pro does not).

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Buying the iMac Pro from Apple

The most obvious place to buy the iMac Pro is from Apple. There, you’ll find the iMac Pro available to order, starting at £4,899/$4,999 and configurable to the specifications you need.

For some configurations there's an expected arrival date of 2 January, but that goes up to a whopping 6-8 weeks wait if you want the top spec model.

Upgrading all the way to the top specs will cost you more than £12,000! It’s not easily user upgradable though, so it’s worth spending time working out the specs that will suit you best and investing in them. After all, £4,899 is a huge amount of money to spend already, so it’s worth making sure you’re getting a machine that will serve you for many years right from the start.

You can see the iMac Pro on Apple’s website here.

Buying the iMac Pro from resellers

Lots of resellers also offer the iMac Pro. They're unlikely to cost any less than they do from Apple, but you may get some additional benefits such as longer warrantees, bundle deals or money off accessories so it's worth having a look around.

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You'll find the iMac Pro available to buy from the following retailers:

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