Apple’s new operating system is due to arrive in September and will introduce a raft of new features for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners

1 Apple-designed Maps

Apple has completely replaced Google Maps with its own app.

The cartography has been designed by Apple, so as you’d expect it looks pretty special; although it appears to offer less detail than Google’s mapping service (this may be because Apple’s cartographers are still adding detailed information).

Google Maps is being replaced by Apple’s own cartography app

2 Yelp reviews

One feature in Maps that’s incredibly welcome provides reviews of businesses and other local information. Clicking the ‘i’ button next to a Pin opens up a window with an address and contact information, along with a nice rotating satellite graphic. Clicking on the Reviews tab enables you to see what other people think of the business. This is all provided by the Yelp service.

3 Flyover

The marquee feature in iOS 6 is the stunning Flyover view, which renders 3D models of cities in real time: enabling you to pan, rotate and zoom around an extremely photorealistic 3D view of a city. While Apple is typically coy about the technology used, it seems that the company has built 3D wireframes and flown aircraft over a city from numerous angles, and then superimposed the images on to the 3D buildings. It looks amazing.

This stunning feature lets you rotate and zoom into 3D models of cities

4 Turn-by-turn navigation

One area that Maps has taken a definite and undeniable turn for the better is with built-in turn-by-turn navigation (sat-nav) technology provided by TomTom. This enables you to get pedestrian and driving instructions that update as you move around. It also interacts with the new 3D mode in Maps. In turn-by-turn mode, the Maps app uses TomTom data to inform you of relevant traffic conditions.

Pedestrian and driving instructions will be updated as you move around

5 Eyes Free

There’s a new feature that works with Siri called Eyes Free, which will enable you to access Siri on your phone by pushing a button on your car steering wheel. The button will be implemented by major car manufacturers (such as BMW and Audi) in new vehicles, but some enterprising company may be able to install a supporting button in current ones.

6 Facebook

Facebook is a central part of iOS (you set up the account and password in Settings). Like Twitter, this also works alongside the regular app that you download from the App Store, but integrates features throughout iOS. A nice touch is that Siri can be used to create Facebook and Twitter posts; you can also share photos and web pages directly to Facebook, and developers will be able to use the SDK to let you share from apps directly.