Apple is currently the world’s largest tech company, but it hasn’t always been plain sailing. Established on 1 April, 1976, Apple has moved from CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs’ garage, to offices in 317 locations around the world, plus 323 Apple Stores. The past 10 years has seen Apple redefine consumer electronics and become a household name. With Apple at the height of its success, we look back over the past 35 years to see what made it the company it is today.

Timeline of key Apple events

How they got where they are today

1976: Apple is founded
1977: Apple II ships
1981: Apple Europe opens in Paris
1983: Apple Lisa ships, John Sculley becomes CEO
1984: Macintosh 128k ships, Ridley Scott’s 1984 ad runs at Superbowl
1985: Jobs quits and forms NeXT, Windows 1.01 ships
1986: Jobs buys Pixar
1988: Apple sues Microsoft over GUI
1991: PowerBook 100 launched, System 7 ships
1992: System 7 hits 4 million users
1993: Newton MessagePad launched, Michael Spindler becomes CEO, PowerBook sales reach a million
1995: Apple sells millionth Power Mac
1996: Gil Amelio becomes CEO, Apple acquires NeXT, Jobs returns
1997: Jobs becomes interim CEO
1998: iMac ships, Jobs scraps Newton
1999: Apple invests $100m in Samsung
2000: Power Mac Cube G4 ships, Jobs becomes CEO    
2001: iPod ships, Mac OS X ships, Apple retail store chain begins
2002: Apple opens first UK retail store
2003: iTunes Music Store opens
2004: Jobs’ first surgery for pancreatic cancer
2005: Intel switch
2006: iMac Core Duo launched, MacBook range revealed, Intel transition completes, Disney buys Pixar
2007: Apple launches iPhone, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard ships, Apple sells 100 millionth iPod
2008: Speculation over Jobs’ health intensifies, iTunes becomes top US music retailer
2009: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard ships, App Store downloads hit two billion
2010: Apple ships iPad, The Beatles come to iTunes
2011: Apple launches Mac App Store, Apple launches iPad 2, Steve Jobs takes medical absence, Lion to ship this summer