Jot Touch

Company: Adonit  URL:  
Price: TBA

Artists who use the iPad and a stylus to draw will appreciate the Jot Touch’s support for pressure sensitivity. It reacts to the amount of pressure you apply to deliver more accurate strokes. The stylus connects to devices via Bluetooth, which means it can work on iPads, iPhones and iPods, as well as Android and Windows touchscreen devices. Some apps have been calibrated for a stylus rather than a finger and if you use one of these Jot Ready apps in conjunction with the stylus, Adonit describes the results as “the best stylus experience on the market”. You can switch between the eraser and pen by clicking a button on the side of the Jot Touch, and charge the stylus via the included USB charger.


Company: Ryz Media  URL:
Price: TBA

The blinQ allows you to transform your iPhone into a remote control for your TV. A small device called the Q plugs into your handset’s headphone jack and is paired with the blinQ TV app. The app also has a social networking feature, letting you post to Twitter or Facebook so your friends can see what you’re watching. The app learns what shows you like, and can even tell you what your friends are viewing and recommend shows it thinks you might like.

iMotion CarPlay Direct Connect 3000

Company: Monster  URL:  
Price: TBA, available in June

Monster is aiming to make driving while communicating with your iPod, iPhone or iPad much safer, with its iMotion CarPlay Direct Connect 3000. The device utilises motion-detection technology to allow users to control their iOS device using hand gestures, so drivers don’t have to touch their device or look away from the road. These gestures can play and pause tracks, and skip forwards or backwards through song lists. The iMotion CarPlay plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter and can be used to charge your iOS device.


Company: Nite Ize  URL:
Price: TBA

Nite Ize’s BioCase is a fully biodegradable case for your iPhone 4 or 4S. It’s designed to protect your handset, while being eco-friendly. The BioCase is made of organic materials to reduce your carbon footprint and is available in a variety of colours and patterns. Don’t worry, though, it won’t start deteriorating while you’re using it. The company says that “when consistently exposed to a composting environment, the BioCase breaks down into organic compounds in a matter of months”.


Company: Olloclip  URL:
Price: £59.99

The Olloclip is a small device that slots onto your iPhone 4 or 4S’s camera lens. It can be used to take Fish-eye, Macro and Wide Angle photos. Choose between the black or red model to add a personal touch. The Olloclip can be used with any app, whether it’s Apple’s default photo app, or a third-party program such as Hipstamatic or Video Camera. It comes with lens caps for both ends, as well as a microfibre bag that doubles as a cleaning cloth.


Company: Scosche  URL:
Price: TBA

Scosche has announced what it claims is the smallest car charger for USB devices in the world. The reVOLT C2 can charge two devices at once, including iPads, as each USB port can supply 10 watts of power.

It’s designed to slot into your car’s power socket, so it doesn’t get in the way of other functions on your dashboard. The reVOLT C2 can be paired with Scosche’s free reVIVE app for battery management, so you’ll know how much talk time and audio playback time you’ve got, and you can change alert settings to inform you when your battery is at particular charge levels.

UltraFit headphones

Company: Polk Audio  URL:
Price: £31.50 to £63.31

Polk Audio has developed a range of sports headphones for its Performance Line-Up. It includes four UltraFit headphones, which are water resistant and have tangle-free cables for use during any sport. All of the models are available in several colour schemes, and have SecureFit support, an ear hook to help keep the earpiece in place. The UltraFit 500s and 1000s are both in-ear headphones, but the latter have a three-button remote control and microphone on the cable. The UltraFit 2000s are on-ear headphones and come with a built-in three-button remote control and microphone, and a reflective wraparound headband. And finally, at the top of the range are the UltraFit 3000s in-ear canal headphones.

iSupport iPhone mounts

Company: iSupport  URL:
Price: TBA

At Macworld | iWorld, iSupport debuted three iPhone mounts for video enthusiasts. The basic model is a lightweight mount made of ABS polymer. A rubber hood surrounds the iPhone’s camera to cut out lens glare. The iSupport Pro offers a clamshell holder to protect the phone and adds a bit more centered weight for steadier shots. The Cine Bundle is made of aircraft grade aluminum. There are three tripod mounts on the bottom and two on the top for attaching accessories, such as mics.