iStopMotion for iPad

Company: Boinx  URL:
Price: £2.99 (introductory price)

iStopMotion app lets you create your own stop-motion animation movies. It allows you to shoot a series of pictures on your iPad, which can then be assembled to produce a film. The Camera Overlay means you can line up images to increase accuracy, and the Instant Playback function lets you check for mistakes. The app can also be used the app with the free iStopMotion Remote Camera app. This lets you set up an iPhone as a camera and then transfer the pictures to an iPad.

Game Your Video

Company: Global Delight  URL:
Price: £1.49

Game Your Video is designed to help you create interesting videos without getting bogged down in the tedious and time-consuming editing process. You can cut out portions of video, or add reverse effects. The Flavor option lets you add a theme or genre, such as Chaplin, which makes your video look like the classic Charlie Chaplin films, or the Haunted option for spooky scenes. To add extra interest the app lets you add special effects such as slow motion, or voice effects like Chipmunk and Scary. You can also add music to your video from your iTunes library.

Once you’ve finished, you can upload your videos to YouTube and Facebook.

Video Camera

Company: i4Software  URL:  
Price: £5.49

Video Camera lets you film, edit, and share your video with various social media outlets in one app. It has a remote camera feature that lets up to eight people connect on the same WiFi network to record an event; the footage can then be edited together on one iPhone.

You can shoot HD video in 1080p, 720p and standard definition, plus control exposure, focus, white balance and zoom, and add music, transitions, titles and credits. There’s even an iPad Camera Connection kit that lets you shoot footage from cameras such as the Canon 60D.


Company: Smile  URL:  
Price: £6.99 (introductory price)

Like the Mac version, PDFpen for iPad lets you scribble on a draft and make notes in the margins, fill in a form, as well as make changes and fix typos in the document itself. The software includes standard proofreading symbols, and you can also save frequently used images such as your signature. You can move, resize and delete images from PDFs, and import pictures from your Photo Library to place them in PDFs. The app can store files in iCloud, Dropbox, Google Docs, and Evernote.


Company: Spark Labs  URL:
Price: Free

TourWrist isn’t just another panoramic photo app. If you move your iPhone or iPad, the panoramic image it produces moves with the device, changing your perspective of the picture.

This means that if you’re on holiday, for example, and want to show a friend back home your hotel room, you can capture it using the app. Your friend will then be able to move their iPhone or iPad around revealing a 360-degree view of the room, using the gyroscope built into their iOS device.

You can even view other users’ location tours and share yours on the TourWrist website.


Company: Readdle  URL:
Price: £2.99

A new note-taking app has arrived in the form of Remarks from Readdle. Its tools let you take notes in a way that will help you when you come to read them again, and include highlighters, text boxes, and more. Use the app to make sketches, add colour to them, and map out spider diagrams.

Remarks lets you annotate PDFs, which you can import from Dropbox, emails and other apps. You can also transfer documents to your computer, and make changes to notes using any PDF editing application on your Mac. Remarks users can even email notes to one another and edit them.

Star Walk

Company: Vito Technology  URL:
Price: £2.99

Vito Technology has just released an update to its successful Star Walk app, which was featured by Apple in adverts for the iPad.
It uses augmented reality to show you what stars and constellations you are looking at. There’s a search tool so you can find out where a particular planet is, for example, plus a satellite tracking tool.

The update includes a calendar of celestial events for 2012 so you can plan your stargazing before you leave home, as well as the SpaceX addition that will enable users to track the trajectory of the Dragon spacecraft, though the date of this launch han’t yet been set.