An iPhone or iPad feels like the perfect tool to control your computers remotely, whether you’re in another room, or on another continent. However, the idea of setting up preferences to enable this can feel very intimidating to most users, who don’t have a strong knowledge of networking. Thankfully, LogMeIn has made this process as effortless as possible: all you need is to set up an account, install the software on your computer and LogMeIn Ignition on your iPad or iPhone.

You have to pay for the app, but the basic desktop program is free. There are obviously some missing features that the ‘pro’ paid-for version possesses, but it’s worth trying the free edition first; what it offers may be good enough for your needs.

This masterclass will show you how to get those programs and the teach you the basics of controlling your computer from your iPad.

1. Creating an Account  Start by creating an account with LogMeIn: go to and click on the ‘create an account’ link to the right. Make sure you select ‘I want to access files, applications and desktops on remote computers’ on the next page and click on ‘Continue’. Fill in your information on the following page and once done, click on ‘Continue’ one last time.

2. Add Your Mac  Like all other online accounts, you need to verify that the address you typed in is the correct one. Locate the email you received and click on the relevant link. This will take you back to LogMeIn where you’ll be given the option of registering your computer. Click on ‘Add this computer’.

3. Install Free Software  You’ll then be prompted do download a program for your Mac. Do so and proceed with its installation. This is the first part of the process. Once the software it installed, make sure to leave your Mac switched on and connected to the internet. It’s time to visit the App Store.

4. Purchase Ignition  You can use iTunes for this or find the program straight from the iPad. Type in ‘LogMeIn’  to locate the right application called ‘LogMeIn Ignition’. Purchase it. If you bought it through iTunes, you’ll next have to sync your iPad to it before you can proceed to the next step.