There’s no getting around it: transferring content between your iPhone and your Mac can be an effort. It’s also a necessity. iPhone storage doesn’t come cheap, and the more we shoot 12 megapixel photos and 4K video, download high-resolution audio or play graphically-intensive games, the faster it’s going to run out. Some events, like a new version of iOS to download, put additional demands on the few GB you have remaining, while a week away on holiday could have your iPhone bursting at the seams with video and snaps.

What’s more, Apple’s default ways to transfer media, e.g. transfer music from iPhone to Mac aren’t necessarily the most effective. Use iCloud as a cloud-based transfer hub and you’ll need to keep paying for additional capacity, while the speed of transfer isn’t exactly lightning-fast. Meanwhile, iTunes always seems to make hard work of simple tasks. Want to just get several GB of photos, videos or music off iPhone to Mac and then free up space? You can guarantee that iTunes will make a meal of it. And if you want to back up iPhone photo, music and video content ready to transfer it to a brand new iPhone 8 or iPhone X? Between the transfer to Mac and the transfer to iPhone you’re going to have to endure a few long waits.

Then there are the restrictions. iCloud and iTunes play well with iTunes content, but not those sourced elsewhere. Wouldn’t it be great to have an iPhone manager that didn’t limit what you could transfer, that did it quickly, easily and with a minimum of fuss?

A One-click iTunes Alternative for Mac - MacX MediaTrans

That’s exactly what MacX MediaTrans does, plus a whole lot more. It makes exporting photos, videos and music from your iPhone so fast and so simple that you can do it in a matter of seconds, without having to jump through hoops or navigate an overcomplicated interface. You can transfer photos, videos and music files back to your iPhone – or a new one – with the same ease and speed. What’s more, you can edit track information, turn a song into a ringtone and manage your playlists. You can even use your iPhone for temporary storage, copying files across as if it were a USB memory key.

Now you can try MacX MediaTrans free of charge! Users can download a 15-day fully functional free trial before purchasing a license.

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac, and Vice Versa

Where iTunes has to handle a whole range of content transfer, device management, purchasing and playback tasks, MacX MediaTrans can focus down on making the transfer process quick and easy, with a few additional tools to simplify managing your media along the way.

To copy music from iPhone to Mac, launch the app, and you can access all the major features through a single, simple launcher. Connect iPhone to Mac via USB, click Music Manager and there is all the music on your iPhone listed by track, artist or album. You can directly drag-and-drop the iPhone music to Mac or select multiple or whole music collection and click "Export" to transfer music from iPhone to Mac as a backup.

You can restore the backed up music or add new ones to iPhone. Simply click "Add Music", navigate to the music files and select the songs, then click "Sync" button in the toolbar.

It stands as an excellent iTunes alternative for Mac iPhone manager with full options. You can delete massive or all the music, create new music libraries, edit music info, and even make ringtones.

How to Transfer Photos between iPhone and Mac

MacX MediaTrans takes the same easy approach with photos. To transfer photos from iPhone to Mac, click Photo Transfer, select the photos you want to transfer across, then click Export. Adding photos works in exactly the same way. Click "Add Photo" and choose pictures. Click Sync and the photo transfer from Mac to iPhone will be done.

As a bonus, you can bulk delete photos with a click, including photos in Camera Roll. Just select them, click Delete, then Sync. They’ll be removed from your phone without any of the usual hullaballoo.  

How to Transfer Videos The Fast Way

It’s just as easy to transfer iPhone video. Simply follow the steps above to freely transfer videos from iPhone to Mac, and add movies from computer to device. It's worth mentioning that the iPhone manager has a unique auto-convert function, which converts large MKV, AVI etc to 50% smaller H.264 for iPhone, and in directions right for the display.

The great thing about MacX MediaTrans is that it doesn’t hide key features away in lengthy menus or control panels. It’s an iTunes alternative for Mac that does more than you expect, yet still keeps things fast and simple. What’s more, Digiarty is offering an exclusive 50% discount on a lifetime license, which allows lifetime upgrade to future versions and 2 Macs usage.