Steve Five (King Different), a new French "multimedia opera", brings together two men who shaped history 500 years apart: King Henry V and the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

The show features Jobs, the "King of Silicon Valley", as he takes up the role of Apple's chief executive for the second time in 1997. This storyline is paralleled with Henry V's ascent to the throne, drawing comparisons between the two men's infamous sharpness and leadership methods.

"Two kings who doubt, two separate beings, two times, two bodies," the synopsis reads, vaguely. "This is a chamber opera devoted to digital adventure, loosely based on the life of the founder of Apple, and the hero of the drama that William Shakespeare devoted to the winner of the battle of Agincourt."

The show, which is set in Silicon Valley, uses excerpts from Shakespeare's original 1599 text intertwined with a wide range of music from classical to rap.

You can watch clips from the show dubbed over by creator Roland Auzet below. (It's in French, but worth a watch even if you can't understand):

Though it sounds like a unique concept, this isn't the first time Jobs has been the subject of a musical production. The late Apple founder recently served as the inspiration for Nerds, a Philadelphia Theatre Company musical that began in December last year, which tells the story of Jobs and Bill Gates in the 1980s.

Steve Five (King Different) ran from 14 March to 18 March 2014 at the French Theatre de la Renaissance in Oullins, Lyon.