The prominence of the Mac in the modern creative industry is no secret. The platform offers designers, illustrators and photographers alike the tools needed to get their jobs done.

But that doesn’t mean the Mac is perfect out of the box. A pro-grade monitor, whether primary or secondary, is an essential tool for those professionals who need a display with improved brightness, detail and colour accuracy to view, edit and perfect their work.

Understanding the needs of designers who use Macs

If you’re striving to make the best possible art, animation or design you might feel constrained by the price of high-end monitors. These screens improve on those found on the iMac or MacBook by offering a wider colour gamut, support for standards like HDR10 and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, but are often an expense not every artist can afford.

No matter what design project you are working on, it’s certain that you need the right hardware to get the job done. This means you need a monitor that delivers 4K HDR output with great colour fidelity and pixel density.

Pro-grade monitors offer a better digital representation of whatever artistic canvas you’re working with, allowing you to edit and tweak your work to a more accurate standard than the displays found on most iMacs and MacBooks. A monitor often makes a great secondary display to have alongside an iMac or one to connect your MacBook to when at a desk.

If you’re working with a Mac mini, then of course a monitor will be your first purchase but whichever Mac you use, pro-grade monitors often come with unrealistic price tags that can make design feel like a pretty exclusive industry.

Helping you to improve your art

Fortunately, there are monitors available that don’t compromise on quality but deliver the same pro-grade technology at prices that are easier to stomach. BenQ’s 27in PD2720U and 31.5in PD3220U designer monitors are prime examples of this. As Ferdy Korpershoek shows in the below video, the 27in PD2720U doesn’t skimp on features.

Both monitors are easily connected to any modern Mac via Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port with easy plug and play set up. If you need two monitors you can daisy-chain them together while maintaining 4K resolution and HDR10 support, so you are not compromising on detail.

A bonus for MacBook users is that the Thunderbolt 3 connection also works as power delivery, so you can charge your laptop while running it through the monitor and forget about your power brick.

The monitors cover 100% of sRGB and 95% of DCI-P3 colour space, using IPS wide viewing angle tech to ensure there is no colour shift no matter what angle you like your monitors at. You can also swivel the monitor ninety degrees to portrait orientation if needed, just some of the features expert channel Orange 83 explores in this video review:

The dedicated built-in CAD/CAM, animation and darkroom modes means you’re covered for whatever your range of professional work entails. Trusting your tools from the outset leads to heightened confidence in the art you’ll produce.

Quality at a sensible price

How can such quality come at a lower price? In the case of these two monitors, BenQ understands your direct needs as creative professional and so delivers extremely good colour accuracy, HDR10 detail and flawless Thunderbolt 3 connectivity in a more affordable design. The monitors prove that you don’t need to take out a loan to afford a display that immediately improves your creative workflow.

Both models come with BenQ’s Hotkey Puck G2 in the box. It’s a customisable dial that lets you adjust brightness, contrast and volume easily, and offers a quick way to skip between different settings whether you’re using one or two daisy-chained monitors.

You can even use the Puck to quickly switch a single monitor’s output between two separate computers if that’s your preferred set up. Hugo Guerra champions this approach in his comprehensive video review of the PD3220U:

Whatever your medium you can be sure of the monitors’ colour output with CalMAN Verified and Pantone Validated stamps, proving industry-approved performance need not cost the earth.

Tying your workflow together

Whichever Mac you use, there is an affordable monitor option that will work seamlessly with your workflow. Whether you need a primary or secondary screen, BenQ’s pro-grade 27in PD2720U and 32in PD3220U options are easy to set up and deliver exceptional colour accuracy and detail. Most importantly, they fade into the background and ensure your full concentration is on your work, not worrying about the quality of your tools.

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