We all love our Macs. They let us do things we simply can’t with other computers. These days, everything you do with your Mac needs to be protected by strong security and privacy features. That’s because threats of malware have rapidly increased in recent years, making your Mac and the information on it potentially vulnerable.

Why does my Mac need protection?

There’s a common misconception that Macs are totally safe from viruses and there’s no need for third party protection. This alone makes Mac users sitting ducks for hackers who will gladly rise to the challenge. The vicious world of cybercrime is constantly evolving, and hackers are always looking for new and innovative ways to target their victims and exploit them for a profit. Targeting Mac users is becoming more and more popular, considering the number of people who own a Mac is rapidly increasing.

According to Apple, there are now over 100 million active Mac users globally and according to other reports, the amount of threats to Macs has risen by more than 60% from late 2018 to the first quarter of 2019. New types of threats are emerging, including a sophisticated fraud involving fake Apple support services, tricking consumers into exposing their personal details. Ensuring that your Mac is secure should be a top priority and is more important than ever. After all, Apple hardware is expensive so replacing a Mac is not an option for most people. Additionally, your personal information is priceless so keeping that safe is paramount.

What is Airo Security?

The developers of Airo understood that the threats to Macs were not only rapidly increasing; they were becoming more and more sophisticated and particularly intrusive. Being Mac users themselves, Airo developers decided enough was enough and set about making a state-of-the-art security suite dedicated entirely to the Mac operating systems.

The vision behind Airo is simple: Provide complete virus and malware protection for Mac by fitting powerful antivirus technology into an elegant, all-in-one security software. Airo combines real-time threat detection and cutting-edge AI technology, which when working together creates the most secure and reliable environment for Mac.

Real-Time threat detection & Prevention
Airo scans tons of files in seconds, identifying malicious behavior patterns before any threat has a chance to infect the user’s system. Real-Time scans are preventing phishing scams from stealing sensitive information and stop attempts to remotely hijack the user’s Mac.

Powerful AI Technology
Airo comes ready loaded with some serious AI brainpower. Not only does it have self-learning capabilities, it tirelessly collects data to identify and recognize new malware. This enables Airo to stay ahead of any future Mac attack and ensures that it is always up to speed with the latest hacking trends and threats.

Why Airo?

Just like a Mac, Airo sports a sleek and attractive design that is extremely user friendly. Its easy-to-use interface has less bells and whistles and more malware fighting technology, making it one step ahead of some of the other big names on the market.

Airo realize the importance of try before you buy and that’s why they offer an unlimited 30-day free trial, which includes all premium features, so that users can take it for a spin around the block before committing. The application is available to download for free on the AiroAV homepage and is very easy to install.

Once Airo is on your Mac, you can run a quick scan at the click of a button and in seconds know if your Mac is infected with malware. Additionally, users can run a full system scan that will thoroughly scrutinize the Mac system to detect even the slyest threat. As a bonus, Airo also offers a free Web Guardian browser extension for Safari and Chrome for Mac. This sophisticated extension keeps a user’s online presence private and secure.

Airo is a security suite every Mac user should try. Whether you use your Mac for work, to watch your favorite shows online or just for browsing the web, the fact is you are exposed to potential threats that can easily be prevented with Airo activated on your Mac.