It's time for our Christmas quiz. This year we're challenging Macworld readers to spot the true and false 'facts' about Sir Jony Ive.

The answers!

So, how did you get on? Here are the answers to our Jony Ive quiz.

1. False. Jony Ive doesn't have a twin…

...although Steve Jobs once described him as his "spiritual partner". Jony has one sibling: a younger sister named Alison.

2. True. Yes, Jony Ive is dyslexic.

The signs were always there that Jony was going to be an achiever, but that doesn't mean he had everything his own way. One obstacle he faced in his school career was dyslexia, which can make essays and other language-based tasks particularly difficult. (Mind you, dyslexia isn’t limited to linguistic issues. Take a look at the British Dyslexia Association’s website for more information.)

Dyslexia proved no barrier to academic success, and after getting an A in all three of his A Levels he had his pick of the UK's design colleges.

3. False. So far as we know, Jony was not named after a film star.

Not even this one.

Johnny Five

4. True. Yes, Jony went to the same school as David Beckham.

But will Jony "bend it like Beckham" and give the iPhone 6 a curved screen?

Sorry about that.

5. False. Jony Ive did not earn a Blue Peter badge with a convincing Tracy Island model. Although we're sure that any Tracy Island designed by Ive would be amazing.

He does have a Blue Peter badge - a gold one, no less - but he was awarded this as an adult, for services to the consumer electronics industry. He accepted it like the absolute mensch that he is:

6. True. Yes, Jony played in his university rugby team - at prop forward, in fact.

His soft voice and creative mindset can distract you from the fact that Jony Ive is a big unit. He's known as a gym addict these days, but was a strong lad even in his college days, playing prop for the rugby team at university.

7. True. Jony Ive used to open the sunroof on his car to let his spiky hair fit through.

Sir Jony is so stylish that it's hard to imagine him having an embarrassing haircut from his youth, but photographic evidence shows that he is human after all. Take a look at this monstrosity, which looks like an explosion in a Pat Sharp factory.

Jony Ive haircut

Photo copyright Nick Wilkinson/

The feathered spikes must have played havoc in the front row of the scrum.

8-10. All true.

Jony worked on all sort of design projects at his first two jobs, including a range of bathroom fittings and garden equipment, combs, power tools, a motorcycle and other distinctly non-Apple items. The rejected toilet project (which actually included three collections, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo, and bidets and sinks as well as toilets) may have helped to convince him to leave Tangerine Design and find an employer that could offer greater creative autonomy.

Jony Ive's Orator phone design

Photo courtesy of Weaver Design London UK

The Orator phone (above) is an extraordinary design that Jony came up with at university, while the Zebra pen (or Zebra TX2, to give its full name) was created while an intern at RWG, and sold in great quantities. It had a special ball-and-clip mechanism that was purely designed to be fiddled with - an early sign of Jony's fixation with making tactile products.

11. False. Jony has worked for a non-fruit-themed company.

As well as Apple and Tangerine Design, Jony worked briefly for a company called Roberts Weaver Group, who had sponsored him through university.

12. False again - much as we’d like to believe it, the iMac isn't short for 'Ive Mac'.

Ad man Ken Segall came up with the name, and said the 'i' stood for 'internet'. Steve Jobs initially preferred the name 'MacMan' but was talked around, happily.

13. True. Jony isn't allowed to tell his wife what he’s working on.

Security and secrecy at Apple's IDg (or Industrial Design Group) is legendary.

14. False. Jony still calls it 'aluminium' (i.e. the correct way).

In his eulogy for Steve Jobs, Ive remarked that after 15 years working together, Jobs still laughed at the way he said this word.

15. True. Jony was involved in a high-speed car crash in his Aston Martin DB9, which almost claimed his life, along with that of fellow Apple designer Daniele De Iuliis. Apple responded to the scare by giving Jony a pay rise.

He is known as a petrolhead, and responded to the accident by buying a new DB9. That one burst into flames outside his garage.

16. False. Jony Ive did make Time's list, but he was profiled by, of all people, Bono.

Which I suppose shows that industrial design is the new rock and roll.

17. False. Jony's work hasn't been exhibited at Tate Modern.

But it has been shown at the Museums of Modern Art in both New York and San Francisco.

18. False again, although Jony always plays down his own contribution to design projects and gives credit to his team, and rarely goes to award ceremonies. But he has appeared at the D&AD awards, among other events.

How did you do?

Score of 0-6 Feeble! A Donatello toilet of a performance.

...7-12 Middling. You're the Twentieth Anniversary Mac: promising, but a bit of a disappointment in the marketplace.

...13-17 Now you’re Ive Talking! Well done. You're up there with the MacBook Air.

...18 Congratulations! You know more about Jony Ive than is strictly healthy, and that earns you the rank of iPhone.

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