The latest version of Apple’s operating system, High Sierra, has been released and is hailed as “the biggest mac update you’ll never see.” It’s full of tweaks to essential apps like Safari, but the remarkable stuff is under the surface: a brand-new file system, as well as the groundwork for virtual-reality experiences.  

What’s the catch? Glad you asked.

An update this substantive will likely require you to download even more software to ensure smooth compatibility for the rest of your system – keyboard, mouse, the works. If you lose track, things can easily get buggier than this. Some will remember when LaCie issued a much needed update to fix an issue that actually caused a full crash when booting legacy Macbook Pros.

But if you own an LG UltraFine Monitor, you’re in luck. They’ve just dropped the LG Screen Manager – a new automatic software update program that will seamlessly integrate your display with High Sierra while improving key features. The OS (LG Screen Manager) can be downloaded by clicking here.

Volume curve fine-tuned

The most notable upgrade comes to the display’s volume control. The speakers are already controlled from your MacBook or iMac, meaning you don’t have to mess with physical buttons on the monitor itself, but new software now fine-tunes the volume curve, making possible more uniform, specific adjustments. Crank up Bach to eleven, set the Norwegian black metal to whisper-quiet, or find a middle-ground that works for you.

Integrated camera boosted

Another boost comes to the integrated camera, upping an already impressive resolution, particularly in low-light environments - meaning FaceTime and Skype users can officially come out of the shadows during work calls, and you won’t have to adjust the lights in your room if you’re webcam livestream gaming late into the night.

USB compatibility upgraded

The software update further improves device compatibility on the display’s three downstream USB-C (480 Mbps) ports. Get free of the annoying error message “USB device not recognized”, and have your underused USB-C devices leap from zero to hero. Nice to see that the one of the biggest problems of USB type-C can be fixed.

Ongoing support

But the best part about the LG Screen Manager is that it’s automated; install it once, and every time there’s a new macOS update, your display will automatically get an upgraded suite of software that maximizes its performance. Pretty neat, huh?

Even if you’re not already running High Sierra’s beta – the official release is this fall – UltraFine users can download the LG Screen Manager by clicking this link.