Tenorshare Ultdata

Why data loss is a serious problem 

The iPhones we carry around contain data and documents related to almost every aspect of our lives, from work and socialising to medical treatment. Even seemingly innocuous data has the potential to cause hurt if lost or divulged, from photos and contacts to text and WhatsApp conversations with loved ones; and most is irreplaceable.

This precious and sensitive data is frighteningly vulnerable to lose. A wide range of errors and accidents can result in data loss, from accidental deletion to device theft, and from drop and water damage to malfunctions during software updates. None of us think it will happen to us, until it does - which means many of us are inadequately prepared to deal with unexpected data loss when it strikes.

Can iPhone Data Be Recovered?

In each of the data-loss scenarios outlined above, there is a piece of software that can come to the rescue, ensuring that users get the best possible chance that their data can be recovered. And it works whether or not you’ve backed up in the past. That software is Tenorshare UltData iPhone data recovery software for Mac.

Tenorshare UltData offers three ways to recover data. From iOS devices - the method you’ll use if you haven’t prepared any backups - from iCloud, or from an iTunes backup. In each case the software will greatly increase your success rate in recovering vital data. And before recovering data, you can use the software to preview exactly what can be recovered.

UltData is designed to recover data from iPhones and iPads quickly and reliably,with and without backup. You don’t need any prior technical experience to follow the straightforward recovery process, which takes just a few minutes.

Its a versatile piece of software, too. Just as there are numerous different ways in which you can lose data from a smartphone or tablet, you need numerous approaches to recovering it - but you dont want to buy a different tool for each one. UltData is capable of handling issues as varied as broken screens, malware attacks, accidental deletions, jailbreaking errors and water damage, and even gives you the option of recovering all or only a selection of the data on a device. Its a user-friendly one-stop shop. 

What data Can Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery Software Recover?

Similarly, it’s versatile in terms of the file types it can recover. The software fully supports the recovery of data from all of the most commonly used iPhone and iPad apps, such as Messages, Photos, Contacts, Documents, and WhatsApp, but it can handle more obscure formats too. The call history from your Phone app, your Safari bookmarks, attachments in Notes, Reminders, Voice Memos, and Calendar attachments are all supported, along with data from third-party apps such as LINE, Viber, and Kik.

If you’re concerned that your device is too old to work with UltData, there’s no need to worry on that score: the software is just as versatile in this respect. It’s compatible with the iPhone 4 and later, with all models of iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad Pro, and with all six generations of iPod touch. Operating system support, meanwhile, includes the latest iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 updates.

How to use Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery Software 

To give an idea of how quickly and easily UltData can recover data from a stricken device, heres a step-by-step demonstration of the most commonly encountered scenario. 

Lets say you want to access the files on a malfunctioning iPhone that isnt allowing access by the usual methods. The process is simple. 

1. Install and open Tenorshare UltData on your Mac, then select the option 'Recover Data from iOS Devices. 

2. Plug your iPhone into the Mac. Assuming it’s functional and both devices trust one another (you may have to unlock the phone and tap ‘Trust’), UltData will detect and recognise the iPhone automatically.

If the iPhone is non-functional, the software will offer prompts with special functions to work around this. It is able to fix the system, for example, before attempting data recovery, or take an iPhone out of Recovery Mode.

3. Now tick the types of data you are interested in and tap Scan.

4. The software will preview the data available, and allow you to select what you wish to recover. 

Act now

Data in general is a precious commodity, but the iPhones and iPads we carry around are repositories of intimate and irreplaceable data that are almost uniquely vulnerability to loss. Few iPhone owners expect to encounter data loss, yet it is a worryingly common occurrence. And Tenorshare UltData iPhone data recovery is a piece of software that is able to help.

And here is one last piece of good news: there is a free trial version of UltData, so, you can try it out without spending a penny. We recommend you do so before disaster strikes.