Turn your unwanted gifts into cash with eBay. On eBay you can sell off second-hand goods and turn your clutter into cash. This guide looks at setting up a successful eBay auction. Follow these eBay auction tips to get the most cash for your goods.

It may seem curmudgeonly to sell on unwanted gifts, but some people are hard to get gifts for, and you may end up owning things you simply don't want. Sometimes, you get a gift that's so appropriate you already own it.

Alternatively you could be looking to go into business. It's possible to make a good living from buying up goods and selling them on with successful eBay auctioning.

And of course, you may simply want to clear out some old products. This guide has the best advice for getting cash for your goods from eBay. In this guide we look at the best auction tactics for getting the most money on eBay.

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Tips for selling on eBay: the best selling strategy

Getting your strategy right can make all the difference. Here are some things to bear in mind.

  • No Reserve. Don't set a reserve (a minimum the amount you will sell for). It acts as a barrier to bidders and prevents your item going for as much as it would.
  • Offer a refund if the person isn't happy. Do not write any negative terms like "I'm not responsible for items lost in the post". Set out your terms clearly, but go out of your way to make sure potential buyers are at ease.
  • Promote that fact that you insure parcels.
  • Use PayPal. Don't even bother using eBay if you aren't going to accept PayPal as a payment method.
  • Set 10 day auctions. Keep the item listed for as long as possible.
  • List the item on Thursday evening. Many eBayers suggest Thursday is the best day as you get two weekends on a 10 day auction. If you set it on Thursday evening then it finishes on Sunday evening (a time that most people have free).

Tips for selling on eBay: create an amazing auctions

How to sell on eBay. Create detailed auction listings

If you are going to sell an item on eBay then here are the tips for making the auction as compelling as possible:

  • Take great photos. Take really good shots of your product, and take personal shots rather than lifting images from the web. Take the time to put the product on a sheet of white paper or card so it looks professional.
  • Write a good, long, honest description. Go into great detail about the item. Describe the item as if there are no pictures available. Write at least 400 words.
  • Check your spelling. Check and double check that you list the full name and number of the product correctly, or it may not be listed properly. Check your listing using a good spell checker. If you are a professional seller consider using an online tool like Grammerly to ensure your listings are well written.
  • Check other listings. See if somebody else is selling the same product and check what type of listing works (and what doesn't).
  • Throw in sales speak. Don't be afraid to throw in marketing terms like "Buy it now!" or "great deal!" They may seem hammy but supermarkets use these terms for a reason (they work).

Tips for selling on eBay: how to get the most money

Ultimately, the way to get the most money is to have more people bidding on a product. It's all about getting more bidders:

  • Choose an eBay ID that represents what you sell, such as "Dog Grooming Pro Products" or "Tech Deals 4 Less".
  • If you sell a lot of products consider becoming a Square Trade Verified Seller. You have to live up to certain standards, but it's good to show buyers you have principles.
  • There seems to be no real rule to what things will go for. A good new product in its box will often go for half to two-thirds of its recommended price. The same item often goes for a different price for no real reason. If you are a professional try to be Zen-like about this and make sure you are turning a profit overall.
  • Add eBay to your VIP list so you get email alerts from potential customers. Speedy replies impresses people and turns them into bidders.

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Tips for selling on eBay: postage and packing

Getting the goods to the person is vitally important:

  • List accurate shipping. Many bidders get infuriated by extortionate shipping costs. Work out the exact cost to pack and ship something, and then charge that.
  • Make the parcel small and light so you save on postage expense.
  • Make sure you get everything right. Double-check the address and label
  • If you are starting to sell professionally then include a flyer for your eBay shop with every purchase.

Tips for selling on eBay: getting good feedback

How to sell on eBay. Create lively auctions and get good feedback

Here is how to get good feedback for your product:

  • Pack and ship immediately. Nothing impresses more than swift delivery.
  • Check that the person got the parcel and everything is okay. Ask people to give you feedback.
  • Chat to people and sort out problems.
  • If you don't have good feedback then use eBay to buy goods you need on a regular basis, and sell small items. Build up your feedback slowly.
  • Don't be afraid of (a small amount) of negative feedback. We have seen activity increase on busy accounts when negative feedback arises. Nobody expects perfection, and if they read about hundreds of happy customers, and the one unhappy sale (especially if they read about your attempts to put things to right) they suddenly see you as a professional capable of dealing with problems. A busy account with occasional negative feedback is often more successful than one with 100% happiness.

Follow these tips and you should get more cash for your eBay products. Let us know what eBay tips and tricks you use to get the most cash in the comments.

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