Tom is a busy man. As the CEO of a small company, employing around 20 people, he already has too many hats to wear and not enough time to do so. Like many business owners, Tom is well aware that company files are precious resources that need to be protected from potential hackers and data breaches. The problem is, he knows nothing about digital security and due to his already overloaded schedule he doesn’t have the capacity to learn at the moment.

What he does know is that he wants his data to be safe and available wherever he is, either on his Mac, iPhone or iPad. It should also be easy to share with his team or clients, all without the need for others to install apps or sign up to services. Basically, he wants everything to be simple, secure and to stay in sync.

That’s where Tresorit comes in. The swiss-based company specialises in high-security data storage for businesses but with an interface and control system that takes minutes to master. For instance, if Tom wants to safely send the designs of the latest ad campaign to one of his clients, there’s no need to make an encrypted version and send it through some VPN connection or anything as technical as that. Instead, he can quickly create a secure link to the file by clicking on it and selecting from the options that appear. These include how many times it can be downloaded, when access will expire, as well as the ability to set an individual password for the file; all by selecting the boxes in a simple, easy-to-understand menu.

In these days of ever-changing government regulations, Tom knows that he not only has to keep his data safe but also in compliance with all the current standards. Thankfully, Tresorit takes care of this too by allowing data to be stored in his choice of locations, including the EU, Switzerland or the USA, all of which conform to GDPR, HIPAA and regional laws. With Tresorit being a primarily Swiss company though, this means all of Tom’s company files are protected by some of the strongest data protection laws in the world and remain under the famously neutral Swiss jurisdiction. The company also provides audit trails and access logs that track the browsers and IP addresses of everyone that downloads a file or folder, making it easy to know at any time who has accessed the company data.

With over 10,000 companies around the world already choosing Tresorit to store and protect their data, Tom is assured that his business will be in safe hands. Perhaps best of all, in the currently challenging financial climate, he won’t have to break the bank to use the service. The Tresorit Business tier only costs £16 per user per month, but at the moment he can get it for the reduced rate of £8 instead, making a great deal even better. There’s also a free 14-day trial so that he and anyone else who wants to experience world-class data storage and protection can take the service for a test run with no risk or commitments. With so many decisions to make every day, Tom can make this one without hesitation and know that he’s just made his life a lot easier.

Try Tresorit for free!

Tresorit offers various subscriptions and as much – or as little – storage as you need. The service costs from £8 per user per month and they each get 1TB of storage.

You can see how it works right now by signing up for a free 14-day trial of Tresorit Business.