During Apple's second quarter financial results announcement Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke about new product categories, and also went on to share some intriguing hints that many would conclude relate to the widely rumoured iWatch.

Cook said: "We currently feel comfortable in expanding the number of things we're working on. We've been doing that in the background, and we're not ready yet to pull the string on the curtain. But we've got some great things there that we're working on that I'm very, very proud of and very, very excited about."

While it's not unusual for Tim Cook to mention that exciting things are in the pipeline, the comments are intriguing and his words do suggest that Apple is at work on something (or some things) that fit into a new product category.

What new products could Apple be working on? Cook hints that there are already examples of such products out on the market, but that it's not being first that matters, but being best.

He stated: "I think you can see so many examples out in the marketplace where it's clear that the objective has been to be first. But customers, at the end of the day, don't care about that, or that's not what they look for from Apple – they want great, insanely great, and that's what we want to deliver. And so that's the way we look at it."

The Apple iWatch

It seems pretty clear to us that Cook is talking about the rumoured iWatch, or possibly a more generic wearable device.

"We didn't ship the first MP3 player, nor the first smartphone, nor the first tablet… but arguably we shipped the first successful modern tablet, the first successful modern smartphone and the first successful modern MP3 player," he said.

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In this video we discuss what Apple might have up its sleeve in terms of wearable devices and the long rumoured iWatch, and whether they might launch it at WWDC in June.

New Apple TV

Another market where Apple's already made an impression, but left many wanting more is the TV streaming market, where its Apple TV now has a foothold of 20 million units.

The Apple TV came up in the conference call with analysts following the second quarter results announcement, with Cook confirming that Apple no longer sees it as a "hobby" product.

What could Apple have planned for the Apple TV? There have been plenty of Apple TV rumours suggesting a new set-top-box is in the works, and the rumour that just won't die: the idea that Apple will launch an actual Apple television set.

We discuss what might be in store for the Apple TV, and whether Apple will ever tune in to the needs of the UK audience. [Read more about what Apple needs to do to make the Apple TV viable in the UK.]

Tune in to our video above to find out what we think.

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You can also listen to Macworld US's Jason Snell discussing the iWatch, Apple TV and the iPad with Macworld UK's Karen Haslam, David Price and Matt Egan here:

In this next video we discuss what Apple might have planned in terms of the iPhone, iPad and iOS 8.

iPad Pro

There are suggestions that Apple will not issue a significant update to the iPad this year – other than perhaps launching a slightly improved iPad Air with Touch ID. Rumours do suggest that Apple is planning to launch an even bigger iPad, referred to as the iPad Pro. This new pro model may not launch until next year – or it might turn out to be the rumoured 12in MacBook Air with Retina display (discussed below).

Bigger iPhone

It goes without saying that Apple will be releasing a bigger iPhone – but will it be this year or next? Will the new bigger iPhone have a 5.5in screen, or a 4.7in screen? Will there be multiple versions with different size screens? We discuss what Apple might have planned in the video above.

iOS 8

As for iOS 8, it looks likely that health will be a big part of the new operating system for iPad and iPhone. Rumours suggest Healthbook app for managing your fitness trackers and even perhaps storing blood pressure measurements – it looks like this will hook up to the iWatch.

We're also hearing rumours that suggest Apple is working with Shazam to integrate the music identifying app in to iOS.

Apple doesn't only make iPhones though. There are also, we hope, plans a foot to introduce updates to the Mac range. Watch this video where we talk, Mac and OS X:

Retina MacBook Air

Apple has only recently updated the MacBook Air with a processor hike and a price drop, however, we are still expecting to see a Retina version of Apple's slimline Mac at some point this year.

Rumours of a Retina display MacBook Air have been circulating since last year and the latest suggestion is that it will appear on the market in Q3 of 2014.

This new model is rumoured to have a 11.88in screen (for a 12in model).

New Mac mini

It's been well over a year since Apple last updated the Mac mini. The last update was on 23 October 2012 and even those changes were modest. So we expect to see an update to the Mac mini at WWDC. That's presuming that Apple won't discontinue Mac mini, with desktop sales in decline…

Low-cost iMac

Also rumoured is a low-cost iMac, expected at WWDC. Will it be low-cost or just less expensive than the iMac is currently, and will this low-priced iMac irradecate the need for the Mac mini? Watch the video above to find out why.

Mac OS X

We expect Apple to preview the next version of Mac OS X at WWDC, but we're not at all sure what the next version of OS X will be called.

In the video above we discuss claims that Ive is leading a "significant" redesign and is focusing on aesthetic improvements, and ask: "Will OS X 10.10 be like iOS 7, and if it is, would that be a good or bad thing?" Find out what features we are hoping to see in the next version of OS X – top of the list: AirDrop integration with iOS.