Desktop video editing software offers the best content creation experience for budding vloggers and video editors, but there’s a problem shared by most free editing apps: watermarks. Watermarks leave noticeable branded stamps on your video, bringing down the overall quality of the content you’ve produced, and it’s only removed once you pay to upgrade.

There are also hidden limits on features within most free video editing apps, limiting access to popular and capable tools available unless you pay for the pleasure.

That’s where the free-to-download VideoProc Vlogger comes in; it offers full access to key vlogger-focused editing tools including motion and speed control, and crucially, it’s watermark-free.

VideoProc Vlogger is a game-changer in the world of free video editing software, offering full and complete access to a range of features without any kind of subscription required. You might assume that there’s a catch to the free-to-use nature of the editing software, but you’d be wrong.

VideoProc Vlogger - Best Free Video Editing Software

VideoProc Vlogger fixes the biggest problems with free editing software. A variety of editing tools, no watermarking and no monthly subscription? VideoProc Vlogger has it all. This free-to-use editor also offers full access to key vlogger-focused editing tools including motion and speed control, and crucially, it’s watermark-free.

Free Download VideoProc Vlogger

Available for both Windows and Mac, VideoProc Vlogger offers a full suite of editing tools laid out in an easy-to-use user interface, with the various effects and features neatly organised into folders ready for use.

The timeline offers 999+ video and audio tracks for more complex projects, boasting a user-friendly drag-and-drop timeline system utilised by the likes of Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro. With support for up to 8K video and 10bit HDR (High Dynamic Range) RAW editing on the timeline, there really is no limit on the quality of the content you can produce.

There’s even resolution and aspect ratio presets designed for TikTok (9:16), Instagram (1:1), iPhone (19.5:9), iPad (4:3) and more if you’re working on a project for a specific platform.

Among the wide feature set is the motion tool, perfect for creating virtual camera crops and pans, bringing more life to static camera shots. The feature is simple to use, providing a range of 28 presets for entry-level editors and a more advanced system using a combination of keyframes and a drag-and-drop system to customise the size, position and aspect ratio of your crop for more advanced users.

Whichever route you take, the result is a buttery-smooth, professional transition. It’s not just for videos either; you can also pan across images, creating a faux-video effect perfect for vlogs or dynamic moving backgrounds for infographics and on-screen text.

Another fun tool perfect for budding vloggers and YouTubers is speed control. It essentially does what it says on the tin, allowing you to control the playback speed of your video using a curve-based system, while also bundling 14 presets for those that don’t want to get into the technical side of things.

It allows you to include gorgeous slow-mo GoPro moments – like surfing, mountain biking or swimming –  and sped-up timelapse shots in your videos, really helping to elevate the overall look of your content.

VideoProc Vlogger isn’t just designed for entry-level editors; there’s a collection of pro-level editing tools available, including an advanced colour grading system. You can use the system to colour correct videos that look slightly too warm or cold, as well as matching the temperature of different shots in a sequence.

It’s not just for colour correction either; you can use the tool to make the on-screen visuals pop by adjusting elements like contrast, saturation and highlights, with separate tools to control hue, saturation and luminance, helping achieve your desired look for your project.

That only scratches the surface of the suite of tools available in VideoProc Vlogger, which also includes advanced audio editing tools, chromakeying, split-screen and PIP (Picture-in-Picture) effects, image overlays and much more. It’s a similar story when it comes to exporting too, allowing you to save videos in 4K, 2K and 1080p at different frame rates, using various encoding and compression settings.

To say that the tools on offer are far more advanced than those offered by most other free editing apps is an understatement, but VideoProc Vlogger didn’t stop there. The icing on this capable cake is the fact there aren’t any watermarks when exporting video using the free software - a rarity when it comes to video editing apps for desktop, making VideoProc Vlogger stand out from the competition.

In fact, the only other free editing software for Mac that offers watermark-free exports is iMovie. While Apple’s entry-level video editing app is free and pitched at beginners, its implementation of features like slow-mo are simplistic and limited compared to that of Vlogger.

Take the motion tool for example; while it’s a simple to add motion to your static shots in VideoProc Vlogger, you have to manually chop up your clip and set the crop in your timeline in iMovie – something that wouldn’t be obvious to beginners – and it’s a similar story with most of the features available. They’re there, but you have to know what you’re looking for, and that’s less than ideal for beginners.

So, while you can use iMovie if you want to simply cut a bunch of videos together, VideoProc Vlogger makes it much easier to bring your creative vision to life.

If you’re feeling inspired by the tools on offer and want to try VideoProc Vlogger for Windows or Mac for your next project – and why not, it’s one of the best free video editing apps – then you can download it from the VideoProc Vlogger website.