Apple launched the Apple TV 4K alongside its new iPhone X and iPhone 8 in September. Some might say the company is a little late to the game, but if you're invested in the Apple ecosystem then it makes a lot of sense.

You'll also need a 4K-capable TV, though.

The box can sync with your iTunes library to easily play downloaded or rented films, but you can also install apps for Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and more to enjoy all your subscriptions in 4K glory.

If you've previously bought an iTunes film in HD, Apple will upgrade it to 4K for free if you buy the Apple TV 4K.

Is it on sale?

Apple's TV 4K is now available to buy from Apple. The device was released on 22 September.

How much is it?

The Apple TV 4K is £179 with 32GB of storage and £199 for 64GB storage. If you're keen to save a ton of apps, films and TV programmes, then £20 extra for double the storage is definitely worth it.

Where can you buy it?

Apple stocks the device here and shipping times depend on where you live. In the UK at time of writing both the 32GB and 64GB models are estimated at 2-3 weeks before being dispatched, although previously we've seen longer estimated delivery times for the 64GB model. Check before you buy!

The 32GB and 64GB versions are listed on Currys PC World, but are not in stock at the time of writing.

Better news at John Lewis, which has the 32GB and 64GB models for sale.