The HomePod mini was the only non-iPhone announcement at Apple's October event, and it's on sale now. 

A follow-up to the original HomePod has been almost three years in the making, but the mini is different in a number of key areas. The new spherical design is much smaller than the original, although Apple insists that the sound quality will still be top-notch.

As expected, the hands-free experience is powered by Siri, which can recognise individual voices and operate a wide range of smart home tech. There's also deep integration with the iPhone, which includes a Handoff-style feature coming later in the year. 

With the HomePod mini now available to buy, here are the best places to pick one up. 

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When does the HomePod mini come out?

Unlike with the new iPad Air, we got specific HomePod mini release information at the launch event. The device is out now, having gone on sale on 16 November.   

Where to buy the HomePod mini

The obvious place to buy the HomePod mini is from the Apple website, where it's listed on both the company's UK and US sites. You can also currently buy the device via the following third-party retailers:

You can add the original HomePod to your EE phone contract, although it's not clear if that option will become available at a later date.

In the US, these retailers are your best bet:

Interestingly, B&H Photo lists the HomePod mini as 'coming soon', with pre-orders beginning on 1 December. This is presumably to avoid running out of stock before Christmas. 

Walmart and Costco may also have stock at a later date. 

How much does the HomePod mini cost?

At launch, the HomePod mini will cost £99/US$99.

That's in line with comparable smart speakers from the likes of Amazon and Google, but significantly more affordable than the original HomePod. That device still retails for £279/US$299, as it did at launch in February 2018. 

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