One of many exciting announcements Apple made at its 20 April Spring Loaded event was a new 24in iMac loaded with the M1 chip, available in up to seven different colours. 

The bad news is that ever since it launched it's been difficult to get hold of Apple's 24in iMac. If you want one you'll need to know where to look - and if you are lucky you might even be able to get a discount. In this article we'll reveal where you can buy the M1 iMacs, how much they cost, and where to get the best deal in time for Christmas.

We also cover the best iMac deals for Cyber Monday and our US edition has this run through of Mac deals.

Without further ado, here's where to buy the 24in M1 iMacs and at the best price in the UK and US. 

Where can you buy the 24in iMac?

In the UK:

In the US:

  • Amazon - 7-core GPU is in stock in blue  and discounted to $1,258.99 (RRP: $1,299).
  • Newegg - has a small discount for the entry level 24in iMac model, but it is a refurbished model. You can get it for $1,205. Order it from Newegg here.
  • B&H Photo Video has most models in stock, no discounts right now.
  • If you would prefer to buy from Apple, Apple has around a two week wait on stock right now.

Best prices for 24in iMac

The tables below will show you the best prices where the 24in iMac is available:

24in iMac, 8-core CPU, 7-core GPU, 256GB SSD, £1,249/$1,299

Retailer Price Delivery  

Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide

24in iMac, 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, 256GB SSD, £1,449/$1,499

Retailer Price Delivery  

Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide

24in iMac, 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, 512GB SSD, £1,649/$1,699

Retailer Price Delivery  

Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide

Where to buy the 24in iMac with M1 (2021)

Here is a comprehensive list of the retailers to check for deals and availability on the new M1 iMac:


While Apple is the most obvious place to buy the M1 iMac delivery is currently listed at one to two weeks in the US and two to three weeks in the UK. Despite the wait, Apple might be your best bet as stock is sold out almost everywhere.

AO - Some models in stock!

AO has some stock for the entry-level pink model and the purple, orange and yellow £1,649 models.

There isn't a discount, but you can save 50% on Microsoft 365.

Very - Some models in stock

Very does have some models in stock at the moment, so it's your next best option after AO.

You can get the M1 iMac with an 8-core CPU/8-core GPU (8GB RAM/256GB storage) in orange or yellow for £1,449.


Amazon did have one 24in M1 iMac available - the pink version of the £1,249 model - but that is now out of stock.

No other M1 iMacs are available there right now, but in the past we have seen up to £59 off 24in M1 iMac 256GB option (8-Core CPU/8-Core GPU).

We'd recommend checking back frequently for any changes.


Argos may have limited stock in some locations, which means you may need to travel to a store to pick up the device.


You can create a stock alert, but for now there are none available.

BT Shop - up to £97 off, but out of stock

It's worth checking out discounts over at BT Shop. Like KRCS (below), you won't find all models in stock, but be sure to sign up for notifications for the model you're after so you're alerted as soon as stock returns.


Currys has the green 256GB 7-GPU M1 iMac in stock for the RRP of £1,249, and the silver 256GB 8-GPU model for £1,449. No other models are in stock.

You can get free next-day delivery (with code FREENEXTDAYDELIVERY), along with up to 5 months of Apple Music, Apple Arcade and Apple News+ if you're a new or returning customer.

Finally, customers could also save £20 on Microsoft 365 Family (1 year, 6 users) or Personal (1 year, 1 user) with code M365SAVE20. The offer also includes 3 extra months for free.


While the entry-level M1 was available from Jacamo with standard delivery in 3 working days a couple of months ago, it's currently out of stock.

JD Williams

Like Jacamo, the entry-level M1 iMac is also out of stock at JD Williams.

KRCS - up to £112 off, but out of stock

KRCS has some of the biggest discounts across the board right now (and even bigger discounts for students), although there is usually a five to eight week wait for stock. We've highlighted all existing discounts below – if you do see the model you want order it now to take advantage of the discount, but be prepared to wait!

Laptops Direct

Laptops Direct is currently out of stock, though we have previously seen £54 off the 8-Core CPU/7-Core GPU M1 iMac with 256GB storage in pink for £1,194.97 (usually £1,249).

Where to buy 24in iMac in the US

Apart from going directly to Apple, US customers may be able to find the M1 iMacs at the following retailers:

  • Apple -  delivery in around two weeks.
  • Amazon - 7-core GPU is in stock in blue  and discounted to $1,258.99 (RRP: $1,299). The 8-core GPU is in stock but not discounted.
  • B&H Photo Video - 7-core GPU is in stock, no discounts right now. 8-core GPU models are also in stock.
  • Best Buy - has some models in stock right now.
  • Walmart - has models in stock and reduced prices for the $1,499 (now $1,419) and $1,699 (now $1,549) models.

Refurbished M1 iMac deals

Although it has been less than six months since the M1 iMac's release, Apple started selling certified refurbished stock as of 19 August in both the UK and US, saving customers up to 15% on an iMac that's practically indistinguishable from new.

Unfortunately, both UK and US stock sold out quickly, but we'd highly recommend checking the storefront often. We'll update this article when we see any offers too!

For reference, these were the US prices for the refurbished iMacs with M1

Head to the Apple Refurbished Store US to see it's current offers.

In the UK, Apple had slashed up to £310, which dropped prices as follows:

We've also seen Laptops Direct sell refurbished M1 iMacs, though it's no longer in stock.

In the US Newegg - has a 24in iMac, 8-core CPU, 7-core GPU for $1,205, but this is a refurbished model. Order it from Newegg here. Order it from Newegg here.

See our dedicated guides to buying a refurbished iMac and MacBook.

How much does the 24in iMac with M1 (2021) cost?

The new iMac devices with the M1 chip are available in three configurations with prices (and colours) as follows:

  • 8-core CPU, 7-core GPU, 256GB SSD - £1,249/$1,299/AUD$1,899 in green, pink, blue and silver
  • 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, 256GB SSD - £1,449/$1,499/AUD$2,199 in green, pink, blue, silver, yellow, orange, and purple
  • 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, 512GB SSD - £1,649/$1,649/AUD$2,499 in green, pink, blue, silver, yellow, orange, and purple

Educational pricing reduces prices on the first two configurations to £1,124 (£125 off) and £1,304 (£195 off), respectively. See our full guide to the Apple Education Store.

What is the 24in iMac with M1?

The M1 iMac features a 4.5K Retina display with slimmer bezels and a completely flat back. Apple credits the lither form to the M1 chip's SoC architecture, which should also boost CPU performance by 85%. See our full review of the 24in iMac (2021) M1.

In addition to faster performance, Apple promises up to two times faster GPU performance. The upgraded iMac also includes a 1080p FaceTime HD camera with studio-quality mics and a six-speaker set-up. If you want to get into the full specs and features of Apple's latest iMac see our dedicated coverage.

All New 24in iMac with M1

M1 iMac student discounts - Educational Pricing

Don't forget, if you're a student or teacher in higher education you can benefit from Apple's Educational pricing even though Apple's Back to School sale has ended in both the UK and US. See our full guide to Apple Education pricing.

Authorised Mac seller KRCS also offer student pricing on iMacs with prices starting at £843.62 for the 8-Core CPU/7-Core GPU model which is a saving of £405.

With the launch of the M1 iMac, you can expect huge discounts on previous models too. See the best iMac deals of the month right here.

Apple also released new iPad Pro tablets with the M1 chip alongside the M1 iMacs (which also qualifies for educational pricing and the Back to School sale AirPods offer) – we're separately looking at where to buy the new iPad Pro here. If you missed Apple's Spring Loaded event, watch it again right here.