The iPad is a wonderfully versatile object with a huge range of features and capabilities: it's possible to happily own and use an iPad for years without doing any more than scratching the surface of what it can do.

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This article, then, is for both absolute iPad beginners - who may have just bought an iPad or received one as a present - and for veterans who are looking to get more out of their tablet. We're going to list all of the tutorials we've written for iPad users, taking you from the basics, such as setup and Settings, to more advanced steps such as jailbreaking.

Before we start, here's a more general overview of our favourite iPad tips: 40 awesome tips for iPad users


Which iPad: This might be too late, but just in case you haven't chosen your iPad yet, here's our huge iPad buying guide, recently updated for winter 2015/2016. It walks you through the differences between the 61 different combinations of iPad model, storage capacity, connectivity and colour that Apple currently sells, and offers clear buying advice to help you decide which is the one for you.

Best iPad buying guide 2016

And if you prefer your advice in video form, take a look at this:

At the other end of the product lifecycle, if you decide you want to sell your iPad, here's our advice on getting the best price for it:

How to sell your old iPad: Get the best price for a second-hand iPad

Setup: The next stage, once you've actually got an iPad, is to get it set up and running. This is a reassuringly user-friendly process: let us talk you through it.

How to set up a new iPad

Again, we've created a video to help you through this procedure:

How to put a SIM card into a new iPad

Settings: It's not a glamorous part of the iPad, but the Settings app holds the key to customising your iPad experience. Our guide to configuring settings in iOS will help you make your iPad behave exactly the way you want it to.

Guide to iPad (and iPhone) settings

Best of the rest: Here are eight more handy beginner-level tutorials that we think will prove invaluable.

How to set up & use Find My iPad

How to change your passcode from six digits back to four

How to turn off keyboard click sounds

How to take a screenshot on iPad

How to tell which iPad you've got

How to find your iPad's UDID

How to apply a screen protector

How to wipe all the personal data from an iPad


The iPad is great for keeping in touch. We've got four useful tutorials that will help you more out of the iPad as a communications tool.

The complete guide to using emoji

How to fix iMessage problems

How to send a group email: Quickly add a mail group on an iPad

How to send text messages from an iPad


iOS is the operating system software that runs on every iPad (and iPhone and iPod touch, for that matter). Learning iOS's abilities, as well as how to upgrade it to the latest version (if this is the right decision for you) is a key part of mastering the iPad.

32 brilliant iOS 9 tips

How to upgrade iOS

How to downgrade from iOS 9 to iOS 8

How to install iOS 9 via your Mac if you haven't enough space on your iPad

How to use Proactive

How to use iCloud Drive

How to search better in iOS 9


The reason we say that iOS devices are so versatile comes to the huge library of apps and games: more than a million and continuing to grow all the time. Well over half of these are optimised for iPad.

Best iPad games

Of course, not all of these apps are excellent - in fact most are not. Which means that finding the best software to install on your iPad is a key skill you'll need to develop.

Best ways to find apps on the App Store

Best free iPad apps

Best apps for iPad Pro

Best iPad games

Best free iPad games

Best iPad board games

How to get a refund from the App Store

How to delete any app from your iPad

How to stop kids buying apps & in-app purchases

How to get extra lives in Candy Crush and similar 'wait or pay' games

How to get Flash on iPad: Play Flash videos and games

How to make an iOS game

How to create a preview video for your app


How to connect an iPad or iPhone to a TV

Complete guide to the iOS 9 Music app: How to put music on an iPad, set up playlists, stream music

Top 12 Apple Music tips

How to cancel your Apple Music subscription or free trial

How to download YouTube videos to your iPad

How to download movies to iPad without iTunes

How to watch Game of Thrones on your iPad

How to get back missing music, films and TV shows that have disappeared from Apple's iTunes Store

How to get US Netflix on a UK iPad

How to watch movies on your iPad for free: where to find feature-length films online for iOS devices

How to get Flash on iPad: Play Flash videos and games


How to use private browsing

How to export bookmarks from Chrome to Safari


iPad photography

Tips for using the camera and photos apps on the iPad

Best photography apps

How to set up Photo Stream: See all your photos on all your Apple devices

How to keep your photos safe

How to share photos to an iPad: share photos from your Mac, camera or iPhone


How to get Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your iPad for free

How to print from an iPad


How to jailbreak an iPad

How to hack an iPad passcode

How to hack an iPad


How to stop kids buying apps & in-app purchases

How to set up Family Sharing on an iPad


What do you do when something goes wrong with your iPad? Here are tutorials we'e written explaining how to deal with a number of common complaints; Apple's discussion forums are an excellent resource if we haven't got the answer you're looking for.

11 fixes for when FaceTime is not working

What to do if you can't connect to the App Store

How to fix a broken Lightning port

How to fix iMessage problems

How to make iTunes recognise an iPad

Finally, if you get your iPad wet, take a look at our guide to drying out a wet iPhone. The same techniques apply to the iPad.