Apple’s products are becoming more common in the workplace. Windows still has a presence, but as Macs, iPhones and iPads are used increasingly every day by businesses, we look into how to get an Apple business discount using Apple’s Business Store.

Why would my business want to buy from Apple?

Simply put, Apple’s products are first and foremost consumer products – in the sense that they are primarily sold to individuals as one-off purchases. Most people own a Mac, iPad or iPhone (literally most people, which is insane when you think about it). However most of those people likely use it for personal things; their own iPhone as opposed to one supplied for business.

That is changing. More and more Apple products are encroaching on the business space once so comfortably filled by BlackBerry phones and Windows PCs. People love iPhones and find them easy to use, so if you’re a business owner, you might be thinking these are the kinds of devices you should be providing for your employees.

When to consider Apple Business Store options

If there are only a couple of people at your business who want or need Apple products, you will probably just buy directly though the regular channels, which are primarily at an Apple retail store or via the online store

However, as soon as you’re considering multiple devices for many people, it’s good to know about the Apple Business Store

What is the Apple Business Store?

The Business Store is an online portal through which businesses can buy or lease Apple products. The Store is the best place to go through in order to find the best solutions to your style of business – iPhones for a team of plumbers will have completely different needs and preferences for iPhones for a team of lawyers (probably).

Apple suggests the best way to start your search for the perfect combination of its products is either online, by phone or in store. Here we break down your options.

Apple Business Store: Online

There isn’t an awful lot of information online regarding pricing of iPhones, iPads and Macs for business. This is because the Business Store is a consultancy service, and Apple doesn’t offer fixed prices for business on its site (or in general).

What it does make clear is that one option for you is financing – spreading the likely large payment over several months. You can own or rent what you need from Apple. Check out the information for Apple financing for business by clicking here

Apple financing for business: Own or rent

If you want to own your business purchases outright, you can spread the cost over 24 or 36 months. Terms and conditions apply, click here to see them.

If you want to rent the products, you can spread the cost over 24 or 36 with the added bonus of 0% interest. Terms and conditions apply, click here to see them

What you’ll notice though is that to get the ball rolling for your individual needs, you have to phone to talk to an Apple Business specialist. The number is 0800 058 222.

This is the only way to find out what discounts Apple can give you for your business purchases.

Apple Business Store: By phone

As mentioned, it’s best to simply pick up the phone. Not only will doing so get you the answers you want quickly, but Apple offers a one-to-one consultancy service with an Apple Business specialist, so you will hopefully get a similar tailored buying experience to the one we’ve all come to expect in an Apple retail store.

The number in the UK to get hold of an Apple Business specialist is 0800 058 2222.

Apple Business Store: In store

Going in store is also an option, but be aware that not every store will always have a Business specialist working there. You might find that smaller stores will simply direct you to the website or to the phone line, so we recommend picking up the phone from the comfort of your office rather than trekking down to your nearest Apple Store.