Buying a new iPhone, iPad or Mac can be an expensive business. But if you don't mind trading in your previous device then you can make a decent saving on the cost of its replacement. We explain how Apple trade in works and why it's something you should definitely consider.

We also look at some of the alternative trade in services, since it's not only Apple who accepts an old iPhone, Mac, iPad or Apple Watch in exchange for a new one.

What devices can I trade-in at Apple?

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Apple trade-ins cover a wide variety of devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

Apple doesn't take iPods or Apple TVs, but it will recycle them for you for free. In fact, Apple says: "You can take your old small electronic equipment such as smartphones, tablets, computers or batteries to any Apple Store and we'll recycle them responsibly and free of charge."

How much do you get for trading in an old device with Apple?

As you might expect, the amount on offer varies depending on the device you want to trade. The newer the product, and the better its condition, the more you can expect to get for it. Obviously, if your device is a few years old it's likely it's condition won't be so great and you won't get as much money for it. 

You can get money for trading in an old Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch. Trade in an old MacBook Pro and you could save as much as £900, an old iPad Pro could save you up to £460, and an Apple Watch Series 5 could get you £150 credit.

You can check the latest trade-in prices on Apple's website here.

Just be aware that this is a trade-in deal, so you won't get any cash in exchange for your old device. Instead, Apple will either credit the amount against a new purchase or give you an Apple gift card of the same value.

How much does Apple give for old iPhones?

With a new iPhone coming there will no doubt be a lot of interest in how much you can get for an iPhone if you exchange it with Apple.

We expect these trade in prices will change when Apple introduces the new range of iPhones in September 2021, but for now you can save up to £455 on the price of a new iPhone if you exchange an iPhone 11 Pro Max, while switching an iPhone X will save up to £160, and an iPhone 6 will get you £60 to put towards your new device.

Apple Trade In Prices

These prices have actually declined significantly since we first in February 2021 - then you could save a lot more. 

Old iPhone trade in prices

It's worth noting that you can also trade-in non-Apple smartphones from a variety of manufacturers, such as Samsung, Google and Huawei, although at the time of writing tablets, PCs and other smartwatches were only available for recycling.

Where can I check how much Apple will give me for my old device?

To find out how much your device is worth, go to the Apple Trade-In page where you'll see all the details and be able to get an approximate valuation. Of course, this will be confirmed when you either bring your device to the Apple store or send it in by the post.

You can also extimate the value of a device here. The trade-in value of a 2015 MacBook Pro in reasonable condition was £260 when we checked in February 2021. 

How do Apple Trade-in's work? : Apple Trade In Page

How to trade-in a device at Apple?

Once you've visited the site mentioned above and received your quote you have two options. The first is to take your device into an Apple store, providing that they are still open in these Covid-affected times, where it will be assessed to see that it matches the condition you described when getting the quote. If so, you will be given the appropriate credit to use against a new purchase in the store.

The other is to agree to the quote online and then be sent a shipping pack which allows you to safely send your device to Apple who will check that it matches your description. This process usually takes two to three weeks, and if everything goes well you'll receive a notification of the credit. Should the device be found to be in a lower condition then described, you'll be offered a new quote which you can either accept or request that the device be returned to you free of charge.

Is Apple trade in safe?

Apple has one of the highest reputations of any retailer, so you can be sure you'll get excellent customer service and have any problems dealt with immediately.

Can I trade in two iPhones at Apple? 

Yes, Apple allows you to trade in multiple devices all of which can go towards the cost of a new one.

Trade in Apple products at other resellers

Apple isn't the only company that wants to buy your old iPhones, iPads and other devices. Resellers like Stormfront, SmartFoneStore, musicMagpie, Fonebank, KRCS, and others will all happily purchase your unwanted tech, with the advantage but you can get money rather than credit at the Apple store.

All follow a similar process to that of Apple, with quotes being offered in lieu all the devices meeting the conditions described. Of course, there is also eBay and other auction sites where you can potentially earn more but run the risk of dealing with private individuals rather than recognised companies.

For example, you could choose to sell your old iPhone to musicMagpie. If you happened to have a 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max in good condition they would give you £490, for example (compared to Apple's £455). Check how much you can get here.

If you want more details on how get the best deal for your old tech, take a look at our guides on how to sell your iPhone for the best price, how to get the best price when selling an old Mac and looking to sell on old iPad?