iTunes Sync – The light grey tracks have failed to copy across to an iPhone.

If the above screen is a familiar sight, then you’ll be painfully aware that since Apple updated its iTunes software to version 11.1.3 there have been problems syncing music to an iOS device. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The web is currently awash with people bemoaning the fact they can’t change the music on their iPhone. Indeed, my iPhone 5 was affected by this. Thankfully, after blood, sweat, and a few tears, I managed to find a solution.

First, connect your iOS device to iTunes. At the bottom of the Summary page you’ll see a multi-coloured bar. This illustrates how your iOS device’s memory is being used. As you can see from the screen below Audio and Other were the most prominent on my iPhone.

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iTunes Sync – The multi-coloured bar along the bottom of the iTunes window shows you what is using your device’s memory.

Next, click on the Music tab and then on ‘Selected playlists, artists albums, and genres’. Start unchecking some of your Genius Mixes, Playlists, Artists and Albums. It my case, the iTunes Library was trying to copy across more music to my device than it had space for, which is why it would no longer sync.

If you’re unsure how much space you need to make, uncheck a couple of albums, press Sync and a pop-up will appear telling you how much memory you need to clear. If you carry on unticking boxes and pressing Sync eventually your iOS device will sync with your Music Library.

The problem in my case was that Other, which I mentioned earlier, was taking up a huge amount of memory.

Checking how much memory each app was using (Settings > General > Usage) failed to provide any answers as to what is taking up all this space. 

We'll update this article as soon as we find a solution to this problem. If you have any ideas about what might be lurking within Other, why not get in touch?

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