Ranting and swearing at Apple's automated call centres can get you fast-tracked to a human operative, an aggrieved Apple customer has discovered.

Reddit user floppybutton started a forum thread (which, please be warned, contains quite a lot of swearing) explaining that when attempting to order a new MacBook keyboard over the phone, they had "got frustrated and used a few choice words that triggered something in the computer I was talking to".

Apparently the call centre program is able to recognise swear words, and interprets this as a warning sign that a customer is unhappy (!). It then transfers that customer to a human operator who apologises and attempts to ease any anger.

"It cut itself off in mid-sentence, apologised, and in about 10 more seconds I was talking to an Apple tech," wrote floppybutton.

Apple Customer Service

Fellow Redditer and former AppleCare employee rob79, however, warned that such policies, while initially satisfying, may ultimately cause more delays.

"Doing this will get a human on the line, so will hitting zero, but it doesn't get you to a person that can help you any faster. In fact, it will actually take longer to get to someone who can help you if you do this.

"In the end all swearing/mashing the keys/hitting zero does is get you to a "call director", which is a person who will apologise to you and then transfers you to the right queue (ie put you on hold again in the same queue that the automated system would have if you had just cooperated with the automated system).

"The most effective way to get to the right person quickly is to follow the prompts."

Oh, and one other danger of this tactic, pointed out by crazywhiteguy:

"It will be awkward when a very robotic sounding lady answers, and you immediately yell: 'F*** C*** B****'."

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