Apple announced several new features coming to HomePod during its September 12 event, but all of which require you to be running the latest software. Here's how to update HomePod.

We also have a separate article that covers what HomePod does - and the new features that are coming to HomePod.

Updating HomePod is made possible via the iPhone app, so you will first need to ensure that the software on your iPhone is current.

To check that the software on your iPhone is up-to-date go to Settings > General > Software Update. Your iPhone will check for updates and you will either see the message that your iPhone is up to date, or one indicating that there is software to be installed.

Once you have the software on your iPhone you are all set to update your HomePod.

For more information about using the HomePod read: How to use HomePod and HomePod Tips.

Update the software on HomePod

  1. Go to the Home app on the iPhone (if you can’t see it, swipe down on the iPhone and start typing Home)
  2. If there is an update you will see a note that an Update is Available
  3. Click on your HomePod under Favourite Accessories
  4. Click on Details
  5. Click on Download and Install
  6. Agree to the T&Cs
  7. The update will download

If you don’t see a note that an update is available go into Details as above, and scroll to the bottom to Version and check which version is listed.

It is possible that the update will have happened automatically.

Set HomePod to automatically update

If you would like HomePod updates to happen automatically in the future here's how to set that up.

  1. Open the Home app
  2. Click on the arrow icon (top left)
  3. Scroll down to Software Update, click on it
  4. Turn the slider beside Install Updates Automatically to green

What is the latest software for HomePod?

During its September 12 event Apple announced Version 12 of the HomePod software. It didn't say when it would be available, but we expect the release to be tied in with the iOS 12 update on 17 September.

The new update will allow you to make phone calls from the HomePod without using your iPhone and then handing them off to the speaker. It will also allow you to 'ping' your iPhone when you've accidentally misplaced it, search for songs by their lyrics and set up multiple timers.

Previously version 1.4, which became available on 29 May 2018, added stereo sound and multi-room abilities along with access to calendars. Find out more in our HomePod review.

HomePod 11.3, released on 29 March 2018, added general improvements for stability and quality. You can find out about the new features are coming in the new version of the HomePod software here.

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