With the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 4, you may be looking to improve the look of your existing Watch with a new Apple Watch strap. The good news is that changing the strap on any Apple Watch is pretty straightforward - once you know how. 

Here's how you can swap out your Apple Watch strap for something a little more snazzy. 

Changing your Apple Watch strap

Here, we've got an Apple Watch Sport, whose box contained a Medium/Large strap as well as a Small/Medium strap.

You can see which size is currently attached by looking on the back. There will be a tiny circle at the top of the strap with M/L or S/M.

If you find that it's too big or small, you can swap the straps. You'll only get one half of the strap in the box - it's the portion with the holes in - because that's the only one you'll need to adjust the size.

Simply turn the Apple Watch over, and press on the small button that's situated above the portion of the watch we're swapping. Now, slide the strap away from the watch to remove it.

To attach the new strap, it's just a case of sliding the new portion of the strap into the watch face until you hear a click and it feels solid in place.

And there you have it! Now you can swap out your Apple Watch straps whenever you want and take accessorising to the next level.