The Apple Card has now arrived in the US and should soon appear in Europe and elsewhere. This new addition to an Apple user's digital wallet also comes with a physical card for those corporeal moments when only titanium will do. But, how can you ensure that the shiny new card remains clean and austere when it has to live in your jean pocket or purse? We show you the quick and easy ways to get your Apple Card back to pristine condition.

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Cleaning your Apple Card

It might surprise you to know that the method for cleaning your Apple Card is not exactly rocket science. That being said, there are some cleaning agents that Apple advises you to avoid.

Items not to use to clean your Apple Card include window cleaners (that's the concentrated fluid, rather than the merry chaps who go up and down ladders), household detergents, solvents, aerosol cans, abrasive materials, ammonia, industrial sandpaper, hydrochloric acid, and flamethrowers. Okay, those last three were ours, but you get the general picture.

Cleaning materials to use

Instead, you'll simply need a lint-free cloth, a few drops of water, and some isopropyl alcohol. All of these can be obtained online, with a quick search on Amazon turning up a six-pack of SecurOMax Microfiber cleaning cloths for $9.99 and a Solimo 10 fl.oz isopropyl alcohol bottle for $4.

For light marks and general day-to-day dirt, take your lint-free cloth and dampen it ever so slightly, then rub it gently on the card until the grime disappears. Should this not prove effective enough, add a few drops of isopropyl alcohol to the cloth and try again.

Apple does warn that certain materials, such as denim and leather, can cause a discolouration effect on the cards that is hard or impossible to remove. This is something of an issue when most purses, wallets, and jeans are made of these fabrics. To avoid this situation, there are some steps you can take to prevent any damage occurring in the first place.

How to protect your Apple Card

If possible, carry your Apple Card in a wallet or purse made of a soft material. This allows for less pressure on the surface that can lead to the leather or similar substance rubbing against the card and causing damage. Also avoid storing the card where it can rub against other cards or come into contact with keys and coins. This will limit the potential for scratching to occur.

Finally, keep your Apple Card away from magnets as they can have an adverse effect on the magnetic strip and cause it to stop working. There you go, a few sensible ways to clean and carry your Apple Card so that it keeps its lustre.

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