In this simple tutorial we show how to delete unwanted apps from your Apple TV via either the Home screen or Settings.

Note that these methods work on the 2015 and 4K Apple TV models: the ones that run tvOS. The 2012 Apple TV and earlier don't let you delete apps (or install new ones). The best you can do is hide apps so they're still on the system but don't clutter up the interface - we'll show how to do that too.

If you'd like to know how to do the same thing on your iDevice, read How to delete apps on iPhone & iPad.

Delete apps from the Home screen

Using the remote, highlight the unwanted app. Press down the touch-sensitive area of the remote (so that it clicks down - don't just tap) to enter Edit Mode: you'll see it's working when the app icons start to wobble around.

Press the play/pause button on the remote.

Select delete, and 'click' the touch-sensitive area of the remote to confirm.

Delete from Settings

Open the Settings app and go to General. Under Usage, select Manage Storage, then the bin icon next to the unwanted app. Click Delete.

How to delete apps on Apple TV

Hide apps

If you're on a third-gen Apple TV or earlier, you can hide apps using the same process as deleting them on the newer models. From the Home page, highlight the unwanted app then press down and hold the touch-sensitive surface until the icon starts wobbling - i.e. you enter Edit Mode. Press the Play/Pause button, then select Delete or Hide.

You can get hidden apps back via Settings, in Main Menu.