If you installed the tvOS beta on your Apple TV, only to decide that it was a big mistake and you are now desperate to get back to Netflix or Amazon Prime, or bugs in the beta have left you thinking you should have left well enough alone, you are probably hoping that there is a way to get rid of the tvOS beta.

Well luckily there is a way to downgrade to tvOS 11 from tvOS 12, and we will show you how below.

Downgrading an Apple TV 4 from the tvOS beta

This method will only work if you are using an Apple TV 4 (if it’s an Apple TV 4K it’s a little different as there is no USB C port, but we'll show you how to do that below).

  1. Go to the IPSW files download page here and choose the Apple TV.
  2. Pick the Apple TV 4 (if you have a Apple TV 4K you will be out of luck here).
  3. Find the latest version of tvOS that you are comfortable running. It needs to be a Signed version, if it’s Unsigned you won’t be able to get your hands on it.
  4. Click on the version you want.
  5. Next click on the Download tab and the firmware will download.
  6. Now, turn on the Apple TV and plug it into your computer using a USB C cable.
  7. Open iTunes.
  8. Wait for iTunes to detect your Apple TV.
  9. Once it is recognised chose Restore Apple TV while holding the Alt/Option key (or Shift if you are using a PC).
  10. A window will pop up and you will be able to click on the IPSW firmware and choose Open.
  11. Confirm that you want to import the firmware into iTunes.
  12. Click Restore.

Downgrading an Apple TV 4K from the tvOS beta

Because the Apple TV 4K doesn’t have a USB C port you can’t downgrade it following the instructions above.

Luckily, you can downgrade your Apple TV 4K - by resetting it - but you need to do a couple of other things first.

  1. First you need to deregister your Apple TV from the Apple beta program here. On your Apple TV click on Settings > System > Software Update
  2. Click on Get Beta Updates (or Get Public Beta Updates) to turn that feature Off.
  3. If you want to leave the beta program entirely, you can click on the link at the bottom of this page. (You may need to sign in with the Apple ID and password you are using for the beta program before you can do so).
  4. Now go to Settings > System > Reset.
  5. Click on Reset.
  6. Wait for your Apple TV to reset. Hopefully it will restore itself to its factory settings…