We love FaceTime, we mean who on iOS doesn’t love FaceTime a way of video calling your friends and family for free? The only thing that was missing was the ability to make group FaceTime calls - but Group FaceTime was one of the new features that arrived in iOS 12 in 2018. You can read all about how to make a Group FaceTime call here. However, the problem with FaceTime is you need an Apple gadget to use it - and so does the person you are calling. Luckily there are lots of other apps that will allow you to make video calls, Skype is probably the best known and it works across all platforms.

As of 29 January 2019 Group FaceTime is offline: Apple had to take Group FaceTime offline while it addresses an issue that made it possible for someone to listen and see you via FaceTime without you even answering the call! The flaw was discovered on Monday 28 January 2019 and Apple is attempting to fix the security hole.

While Group FaceTime is out of action you might want to consider another third-party app, such as Skype, Whatsapp, and Viber, which provide you with the option of video calling multiple people at once.

In this article we will look specifically at WhatsApp, but there are other alternatives you could use.

Using WhatsApp to make video calls

Here's how to use WhatsApp to make a video call.

  1. Open a Whatsapp thread with the person you wish to call.
  2. Tap on the camera icon at the top.
  3. The WhatsApp video call will start. 
  4. If you want to WhatsApp video call multiple people then find a thread with the people you wish to group call.
  5. Tap on the handset icon in the top right.
  6. Now tap on the + icon beside the people you wish to add to the call.
  7. Once you are set up tap the camera icon.