There's a bewildering array of choice on the App store, with almost two million different games, productivity, health, and various other types of software currently available. While many of these are excellent, the price of buying them can soon add up. What can you do if you want to find some free apps instead? In this article we show you a few different ways to track down a bargain on iOS.

Use our free app guides

By far the easiest method, as you're already on the site, is to read our roundups of free apps. Here's a list of the current charts:

Best free iPhone apps

Best free iPhone games

Best free apps for students

Best free video-calling apps for iPhone

Apple's app of the week and free app chart

The App Store has a different offer each week of a premium app that's temporarily free, or at least heavily reduced. These are always worth a look, and we've picked up some great games and productivity tools over the years thanks to this initiative.

To find it, just open the App Store on your iPhone and tap on the Today option at the bottom of the screen. Now you'll see the promoted app. It should be pointed out that some will require subscriptions or in-app purchases, but you can assess that before downloading.

How to find free iPhone apps: App Store

While you're on the App Store you should also tap the App button at the bottom of the screen and scroll down until you find the Top Free section. Tap the See All option and you'll be presented with a list of the full range of apps currently available at no cost.

How to find free iPhone apps: Charts

Use an app that monitors sales and promotions

To keep up to date with all of the apps that are currently included in promotions, it's a good idea to download or bookmark a few services that monitor and collect this information.

One long-standing favourite is Hot UK Deals, which as the name suggests is focused on the UK version of the App Store. This free site is essentially a message board where people post links to deals they've spotted.

how to find free iphone apps

The real strength of Hot UK Deals is that you're harnessing the power of the crowd rather than just a few people in an office, so there's a better chance that you won't miss out on any great offers. Check this daily, or multiple times a day, and you can score some serious bargains.

For US iPhone owners there's App Shopper, which gathers together all the current deals on the US App Store. The interface is simple and clean, and makes it easy to see what apps are currently free or at least heavily discounted.

Finally, there's Apps Gone Free & Daily Tips, which is itself an app you can find in the store. This has been around for a while and highlights promoted apps that are currently free, alongside tips on how to get the most out of your iPhone.

It was a solid choice a year or so ago, but after undergoing a revamp of the app it seems to have lost favour with some iPhone users, garnering a few negative reviews. Hopefully it will return to its former glory, so we'll list it here as you can get it for free and judge for yourself.