If you're looking for the new iPhone 12 but also want to get your hands on a new Nintendo Switch, there's good news: you can get both in a bundle. In fact, if you know where to look, you can claim the free Nintendo Switch bundle on other iPhone models too, such as the iPhone SE (2020), iPhone 11, and iPhone XR. 

The Nintendo Switch costs £279.99 while the Switch Lite costs £199.99. It's a lot of money to part with in one go (especially if you're also buying an iPhone), which is why a bundle option may be a better way to split the costs.

Bundling the Switch with your new iPhone contract is like a form of financing, where you essentially divide the cost of the console across your phone plan – saving you from having to pay the full cost upfront. Of course, the bundle shouldn't be why you buy a new iPhone, but it is a clever way of getting both devices if you were already planning to. 

Here, we're looking at all the retailers that bundle a free Nintendo Switch with iPhone contract plans. 

Free Nintendo Switch with Mobile Phones Direct

Mobile Phones Direct offers both the Nintendo Switch (Neon Red and Blue) and Nintendo Switch Lite with its iPhone contracts. These are all the iPhone models that are eligible for a free Switch:

Mobile Phones Direct offers free next-day delivery. It mails the Nintendo Switch 14 days after you receive your iPhone however. 

Most of its plans are from O2 or Three, with data allowances ranging from 2GB packages to fully unlimited. Considering you get both the Switch and iPhone in one plan with generous amounts of data in most cases, the prices are competitive. For instance, you can pick up the iPhone 12 with 100GB data for £56 per month and £54.99 upfront cost. The same data allowance from Vodafone for the iPhone 12 costs £29 upfront and £67 per month – without the Switch. Mobile Phones Direct also offers plans that cost nothing upfront. 

We'd also suggest keeping an eye on Fonehouse. While it doesn't have any free Nintendo Switch bundle plans at the moment, we have seen it offer the bundle previously.

Get a Nintendo Switch with EE iPhone plans

How to get Nintendo Switch with iPhone bundle

EE allows customers to pay for the Nintendo Switch by adding it to their monthly contracts – great news if you're already on EE and upgrading.

The latest Switch console (grey) with an extended battery life costs £10 upfront and £30 per month for 11 months. Sign up here to add it to your contract

The Nintendo Switch Lite is also available for £10 upfront and £21 per month over 11 months.

You can also add Switch accessories and games using the same method. For example, the Switch Joy-Con pair is available for £6 per month for 11 months and £5 upfront.

EE has the following iPhone models on contract:

If you want to save on costs, you can also find the following refurbished iPhone models.

(See our separate guide to buying refurbished or second-hand iPhones).

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