Adobe's new Camera app will please photo fans who like to add fun filters and effects to their photos and are tiring of Instagram and Snapchat and other apps.

The Photoshop Camera app for iOS is packed with custom lenses and AI filters that will turn your photography into something really share-worthy - it's clearly aimed at social media users. You can download it here.

We’ll run through some of the features you can tap into to transform your photos:

Blue Skies

Sky not blue enough? Take a picture, or use one you have already taken. The app will recognise the sky and give you a choice of different skies you can add.

  1. Either take a photo, or to adjust an existing image in your Photo library choose Camera Roll.
  2. Choose an image with sky in it.
  3. Tap on Lenses.
  4. Swipe across to Blue Skies.
  5. Swipe across on your image to see the various sky filters on offer. There are seven including one with moving clouds.



Another one to use with an image that has sky in the background. Reverie allows you to add some fun video to the background, so you can watch shooting starts or fireworks, for example.

Adobe Photoshop Camera App


If you want to ramp up your portrait photography then you might like the new Portrait filters.

Take a picture, or choose a photo in you library of someone (it will detect their face automatically).

You can switch through the portrait options by swiping across from right to left on the photo until you find the one you like best. There are five to choose from.

Portrait filters

Pop Art

The Pop Art filter gave us a bit of a shock when we first checked it out on selfie mode (it gave us a lot more wrinkles than we were comfortable with). But if you swipe past those options there are some fun, cartoony options like this one.

There are lots more lenses to try out if you tap on Add More. Scroll through the options and download the ones you like.

Pop Art filter

Have fun!