How do I stop my Apple Music free trial from auto-renewing? I'm worried that it's going to start costing me money (and turn into a full paid membership?) if I don't cancel it soon.

You're right to be concerned. The free trial offered by Apple Music lasts for three months, and the service launched very nearly three months ago (30 June): therefore a lot of early adopters are about to find (on 30 September, or soon after if they waited before signing up) that their free trials are converted into paying subscriptions, perhaps without them noticing.

If you don't want your Apple Music trial to turn into a full subscription - or if you have a paid subscription but don't want it to auto-renew - then this article is exactly what you're looking for. We'll show you how to cancel a free trial or subscription to Apple Music, and how to instruct the subscription or trial not to auto-renew, even if you want to continue enjoying the service until the current term expires.

Below you'll find instructions for how to end your trial via iOS on the iPhone or iPad, and via iTunes on the Mac.

(For all its faults, auto-renewal does at least mean that it couldn't be easier to upgrade your subscription if you've enjoyed the free trial. Don't do a thing, and your card - whose details you entered when setting up the trial - will be charged automatically, upgrading or renewing your subscription.)

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How to stop Apple Music auto-renewing your free trial: On your iPhone (or iPad)

The most obvious way of turning off Apple Music's auto-renewal is on your iOS device. It's just a question of finding the right settings in the Music app.

1. Open the Music app. Tap the silhouette icon at the top-left of the screen to open your account page.

How to stop Apple Music free trial and cancel auto-renew

2. Near the bottom (just above Sign Out), select View Apple ID and enter your password.

3. Select Manage (in blue text). It's in the subscriptions section, the fourth section down.

How to stop Apple Music free trial and cancel auto-renew

4. You'll now see a list of your subscriptions (including in our case a digital magazine subscription that expired several years ago). Find the entry for Apple Music - it should say Your Membership Apple Music Membership - and tap it.

5. The next screen will tell you when your free trial ends. Even if you've got plenty of time left, we recommend selecting the option to turn off automatic renewal - you'll still get the remainder of your trial, and you can always change your mind later about renewal.

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How to stop Apple Music auto-renewing your free trial: On your Mac

This is a less obvious method, but it's also possible to switch off auto-renewal in iTunes on your Mac.

1. Start up iTunes on your Mac, and click the dropdown menu to the right of the 'now playing' display, then Account Info. You'll have to enter your Apple ID password.

How to stop Apple Music free trial and cancel auto-renew

2. You're on the Account Information page now. Find the Subscriptions listing (in the bottom Settings section). This will have a number (indicating how many subscriptions you've got) and a Manage link. Click the Manage link.

How to stop Apple Music free trial and cancel auto-renew

3. As on step 4 of the iPhone section of this tutorial, you'll now see a list of subscriptions and (in the case of your Apple Music subscription) details of when your free trial ends. Select the Edit link.

How to stop Apple Music free trial and cancel auto-renew

4. Under Automatic Renewal, pick Off.

And that's it: you're free from auto-renewal. Your free trial will still run to its completion, but it won't be upgraded to a paid membership afterwards. If you do change your mind and decide that you want auto-renewal switched on again, follow one of the two methods above but in step 5 of the iPhone tutorial or step 4 of the Mac tutorial, turn auto-renewal back on.

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