There are many good reasons why you might want a video converter, and they only multiply when you have a few devices. Sure, if you spend your whole life within Apple’s ecosystem you can get by using the video file formats iOS and macOS support, but what if you use a Windows PC or have a substantial library of movies and TV programmes that you want to enjoy on your iPhone?

What if you have files in PC or Android-friendly formats but want to edit them on your Mac in iMovie or Final Cut Pro X? What if you have a massive 4K video file but want to play it on a 16GB iPad or iPhone? Having some way to convert from one format to another suddenly seems like a great idea.

Make the most of iPhone video

And here’s another reason: today’s iPhones are video-shooting powerhouses, which take beautiful, cinematic 1080p and 4K video at speeds of up to 120fps for a cool, slow-motion look. That’s ideal for capturing a memory, documenting a trip or simply making something fun to put on YouTube. However, these files take up a lot of space, so you’ll need to get them off your iPhone and edit them into something watchable. While that’s easy enough if you like working on a macOS system using Apple software, it’s not so great if you prefer to use Windows and a different editing package.

That’s where Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate comes in, converting video and audio files from even the most obscure formats to ones your Mac or PC can understand. Where many video tools can be daunting, complex and unfriendly, this one stays focused on its core task – converting video with the minimum of effort – while providing options and powerful features for those that need them. As a result, you can get video from your iPhone into a format you can work with in minutes, without any video-editing experience whatsoever. You don’t even need to use iTunes to transfer your files across.

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Making video conversion quick and easy

Using the program is easy; you can convert files alone or in batches in a few simple steps. Once you’ve selected the files you wish to convert, you can choose the output format, or pick one of a wide range of presets designed to cover popular iOS and Android devices. Video Converter Ultimate can also download and convert video directly from the web, so if you want to grab a trailer or a clip from YouTube and watch it on your iPhone, you can do so hassle-free.

Thanks to support for hardware encoding, including NVENC, CUDA and Intel Quick Sync, Video Converter Ultimate can convert video files at speeds of up to 30 times real-time. What’s more, Wondershare’s APEXTRANS technology makes it happen losslessly, without any drop in image quality or unnecessary compression.

Do more with your movies

Once the video is converted, Video Converter Ultimate can do more to help you get a great result, with options to merge several video files together, export videos to DVD or record the screen for videocasts and tutorials. There are tools to crop and trim your videos, add a range of slick Instagram-style filters, or even turn small clips into animated GIFs.

These features can help you turn your video into something great, but Video Converter Ultimate never loses its focus, tackling the tough work of conversion and doing it as quickly and effectively as possible. To see the program in action, download the free trial version here – and remember to enter the free software giveaway.