GarageBand is a great software package for messing around with all things musical, but the latest version also offers you the chance to create your own homemade ringtone for your iPhone. Simply put it together inside the application, export the file to iTunes and then add it to your iPhone to give your favourite gadget a truly unique identity. You may only have a maximum 40-second timeframe for your tone, but with a little GarageBand magic it’s pretty easy to produce an attention-grabbing audio snippet in next to no time. You’ll never buy a ringtone again. See also: GarageBand 11 review.

1: Find some music

Launch GarageBand and then click the Media Browser button, at the bottom right of the main interface, to bring up your iTunes library.

2: Select a song

The Media Browser allows you to view your iTunes music collection, from whole albums at the top to track listings below that.

3: Ready to go

Select a song that you want to sample and drag and drop it into the main timeline of the GarageBand application, ready for editing.

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