Our new series of Photoshop tutorials demonstrate how to cut out objects in Photoshop, how to add reflections in Photoshop, how to combine images in Photoshop and more.

Here at Macworld, we're always working in Photoshop to create images both for our print magazine and the website, so we thought, why not share some of the techniques we use with our readers? After all, these Photoshop skills can be used and adapted for many different purposes.

In this series of Photoshop tutorial videos, our multimedia editor Dominik Tomaszewski has demonstrated how to cut out objects, add reflections to objects, add new screens to objects and composite two images together. 

Add a new screen to a smartphone or tablet in Photoshop

One of the most common uses of Photoshop here at Macworld is to add a new screen to a smartphone or tablet. Here, Dom demonstrates how to do so on two Android devices.

Change the screen on a tilted smartphone or tablet in Photoshop

Sometimes, though, it's not as straight forward as adding a new screen to a smartphone or tablet that's facing directly towards the camera. Here, Dom demonstrates how to change the screen on a tilted iPhone. (But close your eyes if you are anti-Android!).

Add a reflection to an object in Photoshop

Now that you've got your preferred screen on your smartphone or tablet, you can add a reflection just like the ones you see in Apple's product photographs, as demonstrated here.

Cut out an object in Photoshop 

If you don't like the background that your object is on, you can use the technique demonstrated in this Photoshop tutorial video to cut the object out and place it onto a new background.

 Combine two images in Photoshop

Using a similar technique to the one used in the previous tutorial, you can combine two images to create one composition. Here, we show you how.