If you need to clear out your Mail emails on your iPad after a long week at work for peace of mind, deleting multiple emails at one time is essential to save time and effort.

Bear in mind that Archiving is different to Deleting. Archiving means the email is no longer in your Inbox view but it is stored in All Mail, and available in labels and when you search. 

Deleting a message means it doesn't show in your Inbox view or anywhere else, and sits in the Trash folder for 30 days then deletes permanently.

We show you how to delete multiple selected emails in the Mail app on your iPad, how to delete them from your Trash folder, and how to delete all emails in one go.

How to delete multiple emails on iPad: Send emails to Trash in Mail

Open the Mail app. 

Tap Edit on the top right-hand side at the top next to your Inbox or All Mail list.


White circles will appear next to your emails on the left-had side of your screen. 

Delete iPad emails

Tap these to tick the multiple emails you want to delete.

Tap Move in the centre-bottom of your email list. 

This will take you to the main list in your Mail app. Tap Trash, underneath Junk in the list.

Your emails will still be stored in your Trash folder. 

To note: You can tap Cancel at any time in this process.

How to delete multiple emails on iPad: How to delete emails from Trash in Mail 

Open your Trash folder to delete emails stored in it. 

Tap Edit in the top right of your email list.

Tick all the emails you want to delete by tapping the white circles that appear on the left side of your email list. 

Tap Delete in the bottom right-hand side of your screen.

To delete all your emails in Trash in one go, tap Edit in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Tap Delete All in the bottom right-hand corner of your email list.

You will be asked to confirm deleting all your emails. Tap Delete All. 

The emails should be permanently deleted. 

How to delete multiple emails on iPad: How to delete all emails in Inbox

Tap Edit in the right-hand corner of your email list. 

Tap Delete All at the bottom right-had corner of your email list.

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