How can I export all my bookmarks from Chrome to Safari? This seems like a massive hassle.

So you're switching from Google Chrome to Safari as your web browser? Apple will be pleased, but you might want to take your bookmarks with you. You could visit each web site again and bookmark each page individually, but that's a huge chore. There must be an easier way, right?

There is. The best trick is to export all of your bookmarks from Google Chrome, and import them into Apple's Safari browser. This way you get to take all your bookmarks with you when moving from Chrome to Safari.

It's pretty easy to take import your bookmarks from Chrome to Safari. This feature shows you how.

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How to quickly import your Chrome bookmarks into Safari

How to import your bookmarks from Chrome to Safari

Mac OS X Safari has an option to quickly import the bookmarks from one app to another. Here is the quickest way to import Chrome Bookmarks into Safari.

  1. Open the Safari app.
  2. Choose File > Import From > Google Chrome.
  3. Ensure that Bookmarks is selected. (You can also select History.)
  4. Click Import.

That should be all you need to do to import your Bookmarks from Google Chrome to Safari. Sometimes things don't go to plan, however. If so, you can export your bookmarks manually from Google Chrome and import them into Safari.

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How to export your bookmarks from Chrome in OS X

Google keeps the Bookmarks export option tucked away - so you might not be able to find the Bookmarks export option in Google Chrome. But it does exist. Follow these steps to export your bookmarks from Google Chrome:

  1. Open the Google Chrome app in OS X.
  2. Click the Customize and Control Google Chrome icon in the top-right (shaped as three horizontal lines).
  3. Choose Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager.
  4. Click Organize > Export Bookmarks to HTML File.
  5. Choose a location for the HTML File and click Save.

This saves all of the bookmarks as a HTML file. You can open this file in Safari, but it just displays a web page with all of your bookmarks. If you want to use it you need to import these bookmarks.

How to import the Chrome bookmarks HTML file into Safari

How to import Chrome Bookmarks into Safari

Now that you have the bookmarks HTML file you need to import it into Safari. Follow these steps.

  1. Open the Safari web browser.
  2. Click File > Import From > Bookmarks HTML File.
  3. Choose the Bookmarks HTML file in the Finder window.
  4. Click Import.

Safari will now import all the Google Chrome bookmarks from the HTML Document into the Google Chrome web browser.

How to sync the Google Chrome bookmarks with Safari for iOS

Once you have the bookmarks imported from Google Chrome to Safari in OS X it's easy to sync them with your iOS devices. Open System Preferences, click iCloud and select Safari. Now all of your Safari information will be synced to iCloud and shared across your OS X and iOS devices.

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