If you have set things up on your Mac so that your passwords normally autofill when you need them, it can be very handy. But sometimes having your password autocomplete can leave you completely oblivious to what your password is when you actually need it. Then there is the fact that a good password probably isn't going to be that easy to remember. Luckily it is possible to find any password you use on your Mac via your Keychain, which is how your passwords get autofilled in the first place.

So, if you need to find out a password for an account, an app, a website, or even your WiFi network, here's what you should do:

  1. Open the Keychain Access utility (you can do this by pressing Command + Space and starting to type Keychain into Spotlight’s search bar.)
  2. Under Category in the sidebar on the left, click on Passwords.
  3. Search for the thing you are looking for the password for.
  4. Double click on the most recent result (if you might have changed it previously you may see more than one but there will be a date associated with it).
  5. Click on the box beside Show Password.
  6. Enter your usual password that you use when you log on to your computer.
  7. Now the password will be shown.

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How to find a Wi-Fi password on a Mac

You can also use this method to find your WiFi password if you have lost the card that slots into your router, or just can’t be bothered to walk downstairs to find it.

You just need to know the name of your WiFi network (you can probably see that in the Wi-Fi options if you click on the Wi-Fi logo in the menu at the top of the screen).

  1. Search for your network in Keychain Access.
  2. Double click on the most relevant result.
  3. This time when you click on Show Password, you will have to do the extra step of entering your administrator’s User Name as well as the Password. (If you aren’t sure what your User Name is, click on the Apple logo in the menu at the top of the screen and check what name you are logged in as).
  4. Now, you will see the password in the box beside Show Password.

Find router password

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