Any iPhone user knows that when apps are running in the background they could be using up battery power and data. For that reason we often find ourselves double tapping on the home button to see what apps are still running, and closing them by swiping upward on the screens representing each app.

Therefore when we were confronted with a rapidly depleting battery on the Apple Watch it was only natural that we would presume that there would be a similarly simple way to close apps on the Watch.

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You might be thinking that when you stop using an app it is now closed, but it appears that just closing an app isn’t enough. As far as we can tell, the app continues to run and it may still be pulling power from the battery and data from your iPhone.

Unfortunately it’s not obvious how to quit an open app on the Watch but we have found out a way.

Start by opening the app you want to close – we realise that sounds like a crazy statement, but since there is no way of double tapping to see which apps are still running in the background you will have to open it first.

Once the app is on your Watch screen press and hold the side button below the Digital Crown for a few seconds. The next screen you see features buttons for Power Off, Power Reserve and Lock Device. When you see this screen press and hold the side button again until you see the app you were running disappear and be replaced by the home screen.  

Another thing to look out for is whether the app has a Glance running in Glances. Glances are a cut down version of the app, giving you a quick over view of the data that app has on offer. If the app is running in Glances it will still be using power and data so you may wonder how to close it.

The only way to quit a Glance is to remove it from Glances. To do so you need to go to your Apple Watch app on the iPhone. Go to My Watch > Glances and tap on the red circle beside any app you want to remove from Glances and tap Remove.

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