How do I download the Safari developer preview?

Are you a developer working across iOS and OS X platforms on a Mac? Then you’ll be interested to know that the new Safari developer preview is available for free for anyone to download and use.

The Safari Technology Preview will allow developers to see the upcoming changes in iOS and OS X and even help Apple improve the Safari user experience. Read next: How to use the Safari web browser on the Mac.

How to get Safari developer preview: Where to find and download the Safari Technology Preview

The browser can be downloaded for free, directly from Apple’s website. In order to run the preview, you’ll need to be running on a Mac that has OS X 10.11.4 or later. Unfortunately, there are no current plans for the browser to be released on any other platform, which is a shame.

Safari for Developers - Install

Once you’ve downloaded the file, head over to your Downloads folder and run the .dmg program, in order to run the installation. Once installed, you’ll find the purple ‘Safari Technology Preview’ app sitting within your Launchpad.

According to Apple, the program will have an update every few weeks, which will also include the latest revisions of WebKit – the engine behind Safari. The release notes for the browser will be published on Apple’s website. Read next: Help! Safari keeps crashing

Safari for Developers - Browsers

How to get Safari developer preview: Features

The additional features aimed at developers, will allow you to do a whole host of new things, which weren’t previously available on Safari. Here’s a list of features to get excited about, courtesy of Apple:

  • Preview the latest web technologies. Get a preview of the latest advances in Safari web technologies, including HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Safari Technology Preview includes the most recent version of WebKit, the rendering engine that powers Safari.
  • Easy to update. You can update Safari Technology Preview right from the Mac App Store. Updates occur every few weeks and include the most recent additions and improvements to WebKit.
  • Access powerful developer tools. Use the latest version of the powerful Web Inspector and Responsive Design Mode to modify, debug, and optimize your websites.
  • Provide feedback. Use Bug Reporter to send feedback directly to Apple about issues and enhancement requests. Simply select Report an Issue from the Help menu in Safari Technology Preview.
  • Run side-by-side with Safari. Safari Technology Preview is a standalone app that works side-by-side with the current version of Safari, so you can continue to use and reference the current release.
  • Surf seamlessly with iCloud. Safari Technology Preview works with iCloud, so you can access your latest Safari Favorites, bookmarks, and Reading List.
  • Keep current. The WebKit blog keeps you up-to-date on the latest developments in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. 

Safari for Developers - Debugger

How to get Safari developer preview: User poll

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