If you want to use an app but it is only available in the US App Store (or another country’s app store) you may be able to create a US account that will allow you to download it. Read on to find out how to get a US Apple ID and iTunes account.

Please note, this method used to work - but now Apple has added an extra step that requires verification by text. For that reason you may find that you are unable to complete all the steps below, we have offered advise on getting a US phone number, but that may or may not work for you.

    1. Open Settings on an iPhone and tap on the Apple ID information at the top.
    2. Scroll down to the bottom and Sign Out.
    3. Enter the password you use for your Apple ID.
    4. Click Turn Off.
    5. You’ll see a message offering to Keep a copy of your data on this iPhone. We’d recommend that you switch the sliders to green to keep a copy of all the data listed, but note that photos stored in iCloud Photo Library and any other iCloud Data won’t be available.
    6. Click Sign Out.
    7. You’ll see an Are you sure? message, warning you that it may take a minute to remove iCloud data. Click Sign Out again.
    8. You’ll see a Copying iCloud data message while it removes your iCloud settings.
    9. You will return to the Settings screen and rather than your Apple ID at the top you will see Sign in to your iPhone.
    10. Scroll down the page and tap on iTunes & App Store.
    11. Tap on Create Apple ID
    12. Enter a different email address to the one you normally use for your Apple ID. If you use an email address you have already used for your Apple ID (perhaps the one you use to verify) it won’t work.
    13. Enter a password.
    14. Where it says United Kingdom tap on the arrow and choose a region.
    15. Tap to show you agree to terms and conditions.
    16. Tap Next.
    17. Now enter your personal information - name, birthday and so on.
    18. It will ask for Credit/Debit Card info, or PayPal, but there is also an option for None - tap that.
    19. You need to add a billing address - this needs to be in the US, but you can just enter any legitimate address in the US (it could be the US office of the company you work for, for example).
    20. Next you’ll be asked for a Phone number that can be used to verify your identify if you forget your password. This has to be a phone number for the country you are switching to, so you need to use a US number - you will also need to verify it. If you don’t have such a number - and since you almost certainly won’t be able to receive the text - move on to the next section. If you have a kind friend in the US perhaps you can ask them for help with this step - they will only need to forward you the verification code.
    21. Once you have a US number, enter that and choose verify using Text Message.
    22. Now enter the verification code sent to the email and tap Verify.
    23. Wait while the Apple ID is created.
    24. Remember you will need to log back in to the UK store if you want to purchase a UK app.

How to get a US mobile phone number

Here’s one way to set up a US number to receive your text on. We tried smsreceivefree.com.

  1. Enter an email address and click on Sign Up.
  2. Click in the link send to your email to open the SMSreceivefree.com website.
  3. Click on Unites States.
  4. Choose a number from those offered.