Having the ability to create your own emoji can be fun and will allow you to personalise your messages with a custom image.

It should be noted that the methods we list here create a separate image, and don't integrate with the default emojis. However, the apps we list here have multiple different sharing options, whereby you'll be able to quickly share them with your contacts.

On a similar note, here's how to make a custom Animoji with Memoji.

How to make a custom emoji: Download imojiapp or Bitmoji

Both the imojiapp and Bitmoji are simple, easy-to-use apps that provide you with the option to create your own emoji. For this guide, we will be using imojiapp.

You can find imojiapp for free on the app store, or if you're on Android within the Play Store.

At the time of writing, the app will take 15.5MB of storage space.

How to make a custom emoji: Choose a picture or take a new photo

How to make a custom emoji - App

Once you've downloaded the app, you'll be able to either select from a few pre-made custom emojis or create your own by either taking a picture or selecting an existing one from your library.

The process is very easy and will also allow you to trim your photo, so that you can cut out the background, to provide a more seamless emoji.

After you've taken, trimmed and saved your emoji, it will save in your library, within the app. You can also tag your emoji if you wish to share it publicly.

Note: If you take images from within the app, it will save it within your library.

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How to make a custom emoji: Share the custom emoji

You can now share your custom emoji with your contacts by finding your self-taken or custom emoji in the 'heart' tab, under 'Collection'. 

To share, simply tap on your custom emoji and choose to share it with your desired app. In our case, we're presented with SMS (remember it will send as a picture, thus an MMS), Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other options such as by email or Bluetooth.

How to make a custom emoji - Sharing

In our tests, we found it to share perfectly with our WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger contacts. Again, remember this saves as an image whereby people can click on the image to expand it, unlike with an emoji which has a set width and height.

How to make a custom emoji - Social media

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