Restore the startup chime on a MacBook Pro by opening the Terminal and entering: sudo nvram BootAudio=%01. To disable auto-boot type: sudo nvram AutoBoot=%00.

The 2016 MacBook Pro turns on silently and auto-boots when plugged into power or when its lid is opened - useful features to some, annoyances to others. Here's how to disable these two features on your new MacBook Pro. Also see: New MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air comparison review | New MacBook Pro 2016 review.

How to restore startup chime on MacBook Pro: Re-enable the startup chime

The startup chime was removed as Apple didn't want its users distracting others in a meeting or lecture with a startup chime. However, if you prefer having an audio-cue on boot, follow these steps:

First you'll need to open Terminal - which can be found in your launchpad or by searching for it in Spotlight search. Once you have the Terminal open type: 'sudo nvram BootAudio=%01' and then enter your password to accept the change. This will now re-enable the classic chime sound. 

If you want to disable it again, simply type: 'sudo nvram BootAudio=%00'.

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How to restore startup chime on MacBook Pro: Disable auto-boot

MacBook Pro Lid

Auto-boot is a new feature on the 2016 MacBook Pro and the logic behind it is to make it faster and easier for you to switch on your MacBook Pro.

Auto-boot is enabled by default and will be enabled when you plug the MacBook Pro into a power source or when you lift its lid. However, if you find the feature rather annoying, you can disable it by heading to the Terminal again and typing: 'sudo nvram AutoBoot=%00'.

If you want to re-enable auto-boot type: 'sudo nvram AutoBoot=%03'

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